Sunday, May 21, 2017


A prose/poem extracted from a
short story I wrote for my writer's group.
Submitted to Poets United
Poetry Pantry
May, 2017

Exploring their newly purchased property, Nathan and Alice came across a cave, and inside was a weathered trunk.  Thinking perhaps it contained treasures untold, they carefully opened the creaking lid.  Inside, they found a yellowed envelope which contained the following poem:

Fiddle de dum, fiddle de dee
There’s a secret to be told
To those who venture here
In search of a pot of gold.

In my lifetime there’s a lesson I’ve learned
Riches aren’t found in money
But in the wildflower meadow
Where the bees collect their honey

In the whispered breezes
Where the old elms stand
All this wealth is yours to hold
On this single piece of land.

Down the hill to the little creek
And the sound of its gurgling tones
As it flows ever so gently
Over time-scarred and weathered stones.

In the distant sight of birds on the wing
And the sound of their warbling trill
As they stop for lunch in the tangle
Of blackberry vines just down the hill

Savor the colors that are yours to see
Grass so green, and sky so blue
These  riches are yours, my friends
More than you ever knew.

So put this back in the weathered trunk
And close the lid on my rhyme
More treasure seekers will visit here
In yet another time. 

Slowly,  Nathan and Alice returned the envelope to the trunk, closed the lid, and left the cave.  They walked back to the house in silence,  through the wildflower meadow and the stand of elms, past the gurgling little creek and the tangle of  blackberry vines, each with a new appreciation for the riches that surrounded them, more than they ever knew.


  1. I so love this poem, which tells a wonderful story. Treasure indeed....meadows, bees and blackberries.

  2. Truly they found a treasure, the wisdom in their return to appreciation of true gifts given in divine love.

    Thank Bev for dropping in at my Sunday Standard today

    Much love...

  3. I love the story and the poem. I think we all need to find a treasure like this... and we would be helped.

  4. I love the way you have made a poem from a story. Ha, and it stands so very well on its own!

  5. I really, really, really love the beginning and ending notes.

  6. Yes, treasures come in all sizes and shapes, and some of the best, in words.


  7. True..the ability to rejoice in nature is the greatest treasure of all...

  8. Great story. A true treasure discovered.

  9. I love this. It is a treasure.

  10. The wood thrush's song in my yard is priceless. I'm also rich in golden finch. Nice piece.

  11. You've described the very treasures I delight in finding!

  12. So that's where Alice goes to.. I am glad she has a different friend and such exciting adventures

  13. We should all be Nathan and Alice. This is a most beautiful, sensible and truthful poem giving such good advice.

  14. Such wonderfully flawless rhyme flowing through this one!!❤️

  15. .... having received the great treasure of wisdom.

  16. Such a beautiful 'smell-the-roses' type of reminder, but told in a freshly unique way! I love it.

  17. What a wonderful treasure and lesson for all of us..:bkm