Monday, May 15, 2017


Bjorn hosts the Haibun/haiku at dVerse today
and asks us to include a recipe.
Submitted to dVerse
May, 2017

Chocolate … the panacea of the masses!   The very word is
soothing to the spirit.   On a cold winter’s night there’s nothing
like wrapping your hands around a mug of steaming hot chocolate,
the fragrance  drifting upward on the trails of steam.   Conversely,
on a hot summer day, there’s nothing like a trip to the local
ice cream store for a hot fudge sundae, the combination of hot
and cold a glorious  celebration of the tongue.   But when
I REALLY want chocolate, I  grab my favorite microwave safe
bowl, pour in a 12 ounce package of chocolate chips, a 6 ounce
package of butterscotch chips,  and one 14 ounce can of sweetened
condensed milk.   Stir it up a bit and pop it in the microwave
for about a minute and a half or until the chips are melted.  Remove
from the microwave,  stir vigorously, add a teaspoon of vanilla
and a handful of nuts.  Pour it into an 8 x 8 pan and allow to cool. 
Instant melt-in-your-mouth fudge.   Ah, bliss!

drifting from window
chocolate scent on spring breeze
titillating appetite


  1. That sounds like something I could make and it looks rather tasty.

  2. I love chocolate but I'm diabetic and I haven't found an alternative yet. I still drink hot chocolate sometimes, which is an absolute treat and your description of the 'fragrance drifting upward on the trails of steam' has got me longing for some! I'll have to savour your delicious haiku, Bev!

  3. I love chocolates but I must be careful not to eat a lot ~ I like your instant-melt in your mouth fudge Bev ~

  4. The fudge sounds wonderful. Your recipe would warm many hearts and souls.

  5. Unfair! You give me a recipe for fudge and expect anything but a good comment.

  6. I might make this for my kids tomorrow. I have all the ingredients.

  7. Chocolate in most forms is pretty much irresistible...thanks for the recipe!

  8. This was a cruel prompt by Bjorn. Sounds amazing, and way too easy! I love your tempting haiku.

  9. That sounds delicious even to me—and I don't care for chocolate much :)

  10. This sounds like something worth trying... what a great recipe.

  11. Geesh! Now I have to go to my local "Fudgery" and I do pass a few signs of "fresh fudge". :)

  12. The darker the better for me. Closer to coffee... the other essential of life. You brought my nose into the poetry; and that's high praise.

  13. That sounds quick and very satisfying.

    1. PS Sascha is the unknown one. (I don't think blogspot likes me.) :)

  14. What a delicious haibun! That fudge sounds easy to make and oh so good. I have a favorite fudge recipe from a chocolate cookbook that my mom gave me, but I'm gonna have to try this one.

  15. decadence -- unrepentant indulgence! I thought d'verse poet's pub, even being a pub, had rules against this sort of thing! (smiling)