Thursday, May 4, 2017


Written a few years back, but
still so timely, I think.
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May 3, 2017

It’s the “me” generation
It’s in vogue to please yourself
The idea is highly touted
In the books upon the shelf.
Self-fulfillment, self-enrichment
Look out for number one
If it works so well, I wonder
Where happiness has gone?

The divorce rate is steadily climbing
And many are at the end of their rope
Are we so busy feeding our egos
We’re running out of cope?
Our houses are growing larger
At quite an alarming rate
First we have to find one another
Before we can communicate.

Our children grow up with a sitter
Who has problems of her own
When we decide to spend time with them
We find they’re nearly grown.
The men are at the golf course
And the women at the pool.
And the children leave the sitter’s
And go to nursery school.

The husbands go to the men’s clubs
The wives go to the spas.
Are they so busy self-developing
They forget the way it was
When love was new and joyous
And each lived for the other
And finding time together
Wasn’t such an awful bother?

Could it be we had the answer
In the not so long ago
When we weren’t hung up on possessions
And what we had for show?

When our concern was more for others
And we loved our fellow man
And we weren’t too busy self-developing
To lend a helping hand?

Could self-denial be fulfilling
And self-control enriching too?
Is it just we have the self misplaced.
I wonder, is that true?

There’s a very great difference
Between what we want and what we need
And what we call desire to achieve
Is perilously close to greed.

It seems what we wear not who we are
Is what it’s all about
But ugly is still ugly
If it comes from inside out.

We’re all looking for the answers
And there’s little else to say
But, if we reassessed our values
Would happy come back one day?


  1. Oh yes.. and it's so easy to get pulled into that, and then when we are denied our toys we wine... maybe we should focus less on want and be glad that we have what we need.... our legacy will be a landfill.

  2. Oh yes. The houses ARE getting larger and the yards are getting smaller. The tvs are getting larger and we just sit and watch....

  3. It's never fun being poor. There must be a happy medium somewhere though.

  4. One problem for me about being an actor for a decade was the pressure to adore ME; it was all about me--selfishness ran in my veins, creating hardness in the heart chambers. Then I became a teacher for the blind, & I only focused on them, thanking them every day for allowing me to touch their lives.

  5. I really hope it does, Bev ❤️

  6. There's an ocean of difference between needs and wants ~ And in today's frantic times, we need to slow down and have a conversations ~ These social media are just superficial ~

  7. Much wisdom in your words Bev and timely they still are.
    I have never been 'into' possessions, rather happiness and fulfillment, and my now adult children follow this path too.
    I am happy with what I have, as aged as me they may be - but everything I have holds memories - so what else would I need?
    Anna :o]

  8. As someone, who has spent the past decade, in poverty, on welfare and a provincial disability support program, I come to realize the little things are more important, than the latest model of technology, that poison our ground water, when tossed aside, and sent to the landfill. Rather, have one of my feline companions kiss me and hear their purring, when around me.

  9. Amazing you did all that jeremiad all to rhyme. Would the author of Ecclesiastes agree with you. I am not sure either. But hypnotized by fads, we can be sorely disappointed later. Friends and loves, also, unfortunately. It is culturing quality, intentional, not easy, that can be satisfying perhaps.

  10. Wow! I think you've nailed it!

  11. I was especially struck by, "it comes from inside out." In all true words,these seem the truest yet!

  12. Great ideals highlighted here! Much wisdom in the past not far removed. If only we would listen.

  13. I liked these lines: "But ugly is still ugly
    If it comes from inside out." There is a big difference between what we want and what we need.

  14. "When love was joyous" says it all to me. Living for the other, too. We can pull up and reform our lives ....but do we want to>? We are a spoiled generation passing it on to the next. Great poem. Lady Nyo (Jane)

  15. There’s a very great difference
    Between what we want and what we need
    And what we call desire to achieve
    Is perilously close to greed.

    Very wise words Beverly! The woes of bad intentions seem to be there most of the times in this world!


  16. Nice reflection. It's all "water under the bridge" for me now. I am Very satisfied with my life. That is the single most important goal to live for. Thank you very much for this

  17. Love the rhythm and the subtle word play in this!