Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Poets United Midweek Motif
features childbirth this week.
Such a special time!
Submitted 5-9-2017

“It’s a boy!”  they told me that morning
What joy it brought to my heart!
And when they placed you beside me
I examined each small, perfect part.

I prayed for wisdom to guide you
To your manhood straight and strong
I prayed you’d always have courage
To separate right from wrong.

That’s you’d know real jewels are in sunsets
And true riches are not in the bank
And if you lost sight of those values
You’d only yourself to thank.

I prayed for your days filled with laughter
And life’s riches your lot day by day
For those riches are found in the loving
Of souls touched along the way.



  1. This is so lovely, Beverly. I so remember those prayers over the downy heads of newborns.

  2. Thanks for sharing Bev and with a rhyming scheme

    much love...

  3. What a feeling, the amazement and prayers at first seeing the little one you made!

  4. What a beautiful poem Indibev it had a great rhythm to it.

  5. A beautiful poem - the riches in life really aren't in the bank (although that makes life easier too bear at times)

  6. So lovely! For every new mother with a newborn, it is a fast ride on an emotional roller coaster. Loved it, Beverly!

  7. Wonderful capture of a first mother's experience, rich with love and honest emotions,


  8. What an enchanting write. I believe every word you say here, really! So precious.