Monday, April 6, 2020


Writers’ Pantry #14.  A rhyming midnight epiphany
occurred last night, half scribbled in the dark and
finished this morning.  There is no accounting where
the brain goes when the TV turns off!
Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United
April 6, 2020

an advantage of being old
if any advantage there be
is contemplating the many faces
the world has presented to me

dream catcher, shady lady
tale spinner, and singer of songs
web weaver,  rough rider
collector of multiple wrongs

smooth talker, heart breaker
old timer and nervous nellies, a few
big spender, great pretender
a fancy dancer or two

city slicker, cotton picker
sharp dresser and magic bean buyer
fast talker, slow walker
do gooder and occasional high flyer

nincompoops and popinjays
and wolves in sheep disguise
bootleggers, fancy dressers
and soothsayers wonderfully wise

this led me to the conclusion
made as simple as I can
after all this time, it seems to me
we’re all of the family of man

stripped of our fancy clothing
and our grooming so meticulous
stand us in a naked row
and we all just look ridiculous

I don’t know why we bicker
and fan the flames of war
we’re all on the same journey
aiming for the golden shore.


  1. I really like this, Bev! It's well written with an apt, positive message.

  2. Oh we seem to prefer the fight instead of union. We can get there though!

  3. I love poetry that dances so well with truth. We are all the same, indeed. Fighting as if we weren't has never made sense to me.

    The be about looking ridiculous while standing naked made me giggle. Yep, I have the sense of humor of a hormonal teenager.

  4. I like your list of people and I think I recognize someone for each description you gave. You gave me a laugh after another dreary day.

  5. I loved this great poem with such wisdom

  6. This time of isolation leave much room for self contemplation, and you have captured such a pastime so aptly Bev. With candour and humour


  7. A brain without a TV is a better brain! Enjoyed your poem, the fruit of TV-less-ness (at least for a while).

  8. I call yours a muse gifted poem for the way it came into being "A rhyming midnight epiphany occurred last night, half scribbled in the dark and finished this morning."

    The truth of your words and the easy flow... It is the rhythm that falls and rise, that begs the poem to be read out loud. And so, I go back to the beginning to start reading again. Outstanding poem, Bev!

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