Wednesday, April 22, 2020


Wednesday Weekly Scribbling and we're
asked to choose from a list of re- words
for our poem or prose. I've chosen reveal.
Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United
April 21, 2020
She awakened to the plaintive wail of the 7 a.m. train.  The view from her window revealed yet another of those gray, bleak winter days, remnants of the last snowfall now dingy and gray.  Sighing, she arose and shuffled to the kitchen, where she set about making her morning coffee.   How she longed for the sense of well-being that comes with the first hint of Spring! In the long winter, each day seemed the same as the one before, a progression of sameness which left her struggling with depression. The door gave its usual complaining squeak as she opened it to pick up the newspaper. Morning coffee was always accompanied by the daily crossword. She opened the paper, picked up her pencil and began the ritual.  One across.  Five letters.  “A pervasive sense of boredom”.  She penciled in the letters E-N-N-U-I…and the irony of the word did not escape her.


  1. OK, now I want more ... much more!!!!!

    1. Thank you, Helen. I suspect we ALL are experiencing a bit of ennui during our sheltering at home!

  2. I feel like this is the mood of so many, despite the little bursts of cheer from new spring growth.

  3. No im not bored at home, i am troubled by the negative effects of the novel corona

    Thanks for dropping by my blog today


  4. Well, that raised a wry chuckle at the end, thank you.

    Nothing to do with your poem, but it just occurred to me I've never told you that, in your profile photo here, you look very like my favourite aunty who was like a second mother to me. Just one of many reasons I warm to you, Bev!

  5. I enjoyed this little story.

  6. She clearly wasn't a writer or else her imagination would get her out of that feeling as she wrote of a life she could live in her imagination!

  7. Such a well written piece, Bev. Really like this story, it'd be lovely to hear how she overcomes this state of ennui. Happy Spring!

  8. If short stories could be a haiku, then this is one. What a perfectly captured moment. That longing for spring is much to real, and the same goes for Fate's sense of humor.

  9. Ohh I love this and yes I relate to the sameness of the ongoing days.. just holding on until we make it to the end.