Sunday, April 26, 2020


Writers' Pantry #17 where we choose what
we wish to share.  Mother's Day approaches
and I'm thinking of my mother who had an
answer for everything!
Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United
April 26, 2020

Mama said “Stupid is as stupid does”
My Mama said a lot.
She always had a saying
For every bad habit I’d got.

When I made a pouty face
When I didn’t get my way
“Your face is sure to freeze like that”
I’d hear my Mama say.

When I forgot to change my clothes
And keep all nice and neat
I was sure to hear my Mama say
“Remember, soap is cheap”.

When I was feeling lazy
Pretending the work was done.
There she was, and Mama’d say
“Hard work never hurt anyone!”

The years have passed so quickly
Before my very eyes
And it’s only now I’ve come to know
That Mama was so wise.


  1. I resonated and smiled hugely at "Your face is sure to freeze like that," .. my mom says this even today whenever she sees me frowning!💝

  2. I can hear her words and intent so clearly through these words. It's so strange--and inevitable, I guess--how we all feel that our parents' sayings are such a drag while we are young. Then we live some, and all that rambling shows itself to be wisdom.

  3. This is so sweet. Makes me realize too, that my mother knew so much.

  4. My mom used to have a saying for every thing too. One of her favorites was "I only have two hands!" Thanks for the memories. Nice tribute.

  5. A lovely look back Bev, thanks for rhyming and sharing ☺

    Happy you dropped by my sumie Sunday today

  6. Love it! Wonderfully witty … tenderly penned … whimsical and wise … and (once again) superbly rhymed. It's got it all going on … perfectly.

  7. I loved this. Amazing how international the wisdom of mothers. We had in Dutch nearly the exact sayings except for 'soap is cheap'

  8. This is a really nice tribute to your mother/ :)

  9. Mums know best. Mine knew everything too...)

  10. The voice in this poem is so strong it came alive for me, Bev, with accent and intonation! I love the way you’ve used clichés to paint a portrait of the mother and emphasise her wisdom.

  11. Your words resonate Bev - maybe all mums operate from the same rule book.
    I wonder if I said the very same words - I am sure I must have.
    Anna :o]

  12. Aah mothers around the world - how do they end up saying the same things :)

  13. Why does it take so long for us to recognize the wisdom of our parents? Better late than never, I suppose.

  14. They never seem wise when we were young but as we age mothers become wiser. Nicely done!

  15. loved your delightful poem. :)
    i missed my mama. in her own quiet way, she goes about looking after us.