Saturday, April 25, 2020


It's Sunday Muse #105, and
we're inspired by a photo.
Submitted to Sunday Muse
April 25, 2020

Following instructions
She shelters at home
No social contact
Undeniably alone

She peers longingly
At the world outside
Thinking what pleasure
Just to go for a ride

It’s as if the world ceased
Its clamor and din
She sits in silence
In her world within

No one to talk to
No one to hug
She longs for contact
As if for a drug

When the day comes
There’s an end to this trouble
She’ll appreciate life
Being free from her bubble

The simplest things
Will give her great pleasure
A smile and a handshake
Will bring joy beyond measure

One thing she’s learned
As day followed day
She’s been fooling herself
Her hair’s really gray!


  1. I believe we are kindred spirits, your poetry and creative effort resonate in me. This one cuts to the core of things. Craving hugs, face to face talks, sharing a meal with a bunch of friends.

    1. For you:

      Working the Nineties

      Taking the stage
      Ready for my close-up
      Nope, haven’t lost it
      Lights, camera, action
      Standing ovations, rave reviews
      An encore, for posterity

  2. I love those closing lines. They made me smile.

  3. Oh how I love this Beverly! The rhyme,flow,and message are wonderful!!! (That last line made me giggle!)

  4. "She longs for contact
    As if for a drug" -- yes indeed! We are all starving for that.

  5. My suggestion would be for her to dye her hair or bleach it blonde. This is neat, Beverly.

    1. For sure, Jim, but with beauty shops closed a whole passel of women are coming to terms with their grey hair they haven't seen for years, ergo the last stanza!

  6. The last stanza provides the punch-line in a classic way Beverley! Never expected it which is the way to a classic close. And it is a painful reality just as much for us men with our hair overdue for trimming. Great!


  7. Hurray for laughs in the last line! These lines were very relatable.

  8. I too enjoyed the last line. Actually, around here hair dye is extremely hard to find. I guess, everyone is feeling a bit older these days.

  9. This made me feel her loneliness and smile at her confession about hair color. I wonder what the world will be once we are no longer looking at it through glass.

  10. This is great, Bev! The mirror we live in is gettin* thinner and thinner.