Saturday, April 4, 2020


It’s Sunday Muse #102 and we’re
given a photo for inspiration.
Submitted to Sunday Muse
April 4, 2020

everyone knows a woman’s job
is to stay home, cook and clean
but, knowing this, one wonders
about this happy scene.

houses clean and dinner prepared
they carefully plan their stunt
their goal is to save the foxes
their men have gone to hunt.


  1. I LOVE this, the women saving the foxes from the hunt. Wonderful!

  2. OH, how delightful. Saving the animals is what it's all about. Reading your rhyme gives me 'courage' to post mine.

  3. Excellent theme. It took years to have live hunting with dogs banned in the UK.

  4. Yes yes yes save the foxes!!! This is perfect Beverly!

  5. Oh, I love the verse and the sentiment! Bravo!

  6. Adorable! 3 foxes saved. Superwomen.

  7. Yea! for the foxes. I can just imagine their nice warm day denned up in the manor house. :)

  8. Yeah for the foxes!! Love this poem!

  9. Women always have double duty--cleaning up after (and before) their mates.

  10. Great idea, clever ladles. Who butchers the foxes they might kill? I wouldn't want to eat one, just have the fur.

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