Thursday, June 4, 2020


Weekly Scribblings at Poets and
Storytellers United.  Our theme is
discipline.  My father pronounced
It de-SIP’-lin..  Either way, it’s a
difficult taskmaster!
Submitted  June 4, 2020

It’s such an easy recipe
sweetened condensed milk
24 oz of chocolate chips
dash of vanilla, melt, stir
and pour.  Cool til set.  

I am strong
I am disciplined
I can limit myself to
   one small piece a day…
   Tomorrow calls my name…

Clock hands move slowly
FINALLY midnight! It’s tomorrow!
One more small piece
I am strong, I am disciplined
WHEW!  I made it!


  1. Good grief! Could I giggle any louder? Love your father's pronunciation. I am NOT strong, full disclosure. Therefore I must NOT make fudge.

  2. LOL...oh that recipe does sound easy...and oh so tempting!

  3. That would indeed take much self-discipline. (And thank you for giving the recipe. Now I can face my own challenge, lol.)

  4. "Tomorrow called my name" and I am here.
    Aren't those fathers wonderful. My father always pronounced a few words his own way, one wird he changed his dictionary to accommodate. It was that old dictionary that I posted for my "anagram" write. He teased my mom with this.

  5. As if it's not enough that we have to be under one roof with food nowadays, and with chocolate, I make no promises to even try discipline.

  6. You made it in more ways than one!

  7. Sweets are my downfall. It helps if I keep them in a pantry on the top shelf which requires a step stool to reach them.. I haven't fallen yet. :)