Monday, June 8, 2020


It's Prosery Monday, and Merril has given us
a phrase from a poem by Gwendolyn Brooks
about which we're to fashion flash fiction up
to or exactly 144 words.  The phrase is "we
go in different directions down the imperturbable
Submitted May 8, 2020
We were the best of friends, we were the best of lovers in that magic time.  Exchange students from two different worlds , we met and fell madly in love.  As if we’d entered our very own version of Brigadoon. the golden days passed in a passionate trance with no thought of tomorrow…..until we reached the day when reality struck.  It was time to return to our two different worlds.  With tearful promises to meet again, we go in different directions.   Down the imperturbable street, blinded by tears, I made my way to the bus station, the airport and home.   For a time we stayed in touch, then distance frayed the fabric of our passionate interlude, and it is now, in my sunset years, in an evening reverie,  my thoughts return and I wonder, does he ever think of me?  


  1. I imagine he does still think of you.

  2. Those threads are woven and they last. I'm sure he does. Such a nice remembrance.

  3. Aw, nicely done, Bev! I like the ide of having your own version of Brigadoon. Such a shame that when we’re enjoying golden days we have to return to reality.

  4. Very evocative. I think we all have those people in our pasts.

  5. Poignant. I think he does.
    I like the way you worked in the prompt line.

  6. Beautiful, romantic and reflective. Enjoyed
    Thanks for dropping by to read mine


  7. I think life is full of such separations, and sometimes we wonder if we are remembered... I wonder how it would look if you met again.

  8. As someone who's been through a long distance relationship (although we never actually met in the flesh), you've captured the emotions around that whole thing so well. Thank you for the brilliant read.