Monday, June 22, 2020


Haibun Mnday, and we are challenged to
feature  “one shining moment““ in our
Submitted to dVerse
June 22, 2020

My one shining moment occurred in March of 1958 when my first born child, a son,  was placed in my arms.  Unwrapping the blanket, I examined  each small, perfect part.  Ten fingers, ten  toes (two joined to the first joint exactly as his father’s). Two bright eyes peered at me above a button nose.  My eyes filled with tears of joy and amazement at this miraculous gift of life with which I’d been entrusted.  I prayed for the wisdom to guide him wisely to manhood.  I prayed he’d learn real jewels are in sunsets, that riches are found in the loving of souls touched along life’s way, and I was profoundly grateful for this wondrous gift..... this one shining moment.

the earth springs to life
I am gifted with a son
God grant me wisdom


  1. Oh I am misty eyed here. What a beautiful shining moment you've described. The details are just perfect - the button nose; and the prayers...The moment of motherhood is truly a miracle....truly a shining moment. The photo is a delight. And you've capped it all with a traditional very well done. Thank you for posting!

  2. I wish I could remember feeling so grateful when my first child was born. The memories have blurred, but I know I cried a lot :)

  3. So lovely, Beverly. I felt joy mixed with amazement after both my daughters were born--but I went through days of labor with my first, so I was also exhausted.

  4. OMG this is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this shining moment


  5. A beautiful haibun. The advent of new life into the world is certainly a shining moment!

  6. Awwww what an adorable little baby. He was born happy. Beautiful haibun, Beverly.

  7. A shining moment all mothers share, yet they are all unique. Beautiful, Bev.

  8. Oh this is such a tender haibun. Felt the love leaking!

  9. This is so wonderful and lovely... and he must now be a man close to retirement.

    1. As a matter of fact, he DID just retire after 30 years as a respiratory therapist, so he was on the front line as the Covid crisis started. I'm proud to say he's a fine man. I think I did OK!

  10. Exquisite! I love the line " I prayed he’d learn real jewels are in sunsets, that riches are found in the loving of souls touched along life’s way,"

  11. The birth of a son is certainly one of life's most brightly shining moments! It is wise for a mother to pray and teach their child what is truly valuable. Thanks for sharing, Bev!