Sunday, February 14, 2021


 Writers' Pantry #57.  In the midst of Covid Winter, where we're predicted 6 to 9 inches of snow by tomorrow,  it is good to revisit the blessed assurance that Spring will come and the world will turn green and full of promise, the pandemic will end and we can once again be in the company of friends and loved ones, exchanging hugs and shaking hands.  Oh happy day!   I've been  battling a bit of depression, so I'm engaging in a little attitude adjustment, and revisiting an earlier poem filled with promise and hope.   Happy Valentine's Day to my friends at Poets & Storytellers United.  February 14, 2021


I stand here in this meadow

where tall grasses nod

my weary soul listens

to the voice of God

Cares fall away

worries seem smaller

my burdens lessened

I seem to stand taller

As Spring follows winter

and day follows night

reassurance surrounds me

I am seeing the light

I listen to birdcalls

I feel the cool breeze

The world’s full of promise

I believe, I believe!


  1. I think that the promise of spring is the only thing that keeps me warm in winter. The birds and blooms will be back soon...

  2. I remember, vividly, how I felt singing Blessed Assurance in church as a girl. I always found myself teary and overwhelmed. Same with Old Rugged Cross and I Come to the Garden .... your poetry brought it all back.

  3. What are these "grasses" and "birdcalls" of which thou speaketh? Here in Hinterland, such things are unknown, only rumored.

    Nice write, Beverly!

  4. A lovely poem, with the promise of new light and regeneration. Hard for me to imagine living with snow – though I grew up in a town which had heavy frosts every winter, making driving and even walking dangerous ... but that was long ago. Such extreme cold must make the coming of Spring very dramatic and meaningful.

  5. February Thaw is due, only days away. I like that it's possible to sing this to the tune of "Blessed Assurance."

  6. We all need assurance--especially now--I watch the small wrens in my back yard each day--they make me feel better in much the same way I think

  7. That's a lovely pic of you haven't aged a bit:)With your Spring comes our Autumn and I am not ready for winter yet. I have been watching the news and your winter this year has been frightful....Think summer always have your Aussie blog mates who make bad jokes:)

    1. I love my Aussie blogmates. My dear, dear, friend from Perth passed away this past summer. We never met, but were e-friends for over ten years and each called the other the best friend we'd never met. Yes indeed, I love my Aussie blogmates!!

    2. I am so sorry for your loss. I don't know any Americans personally If you relied on the American news and the millions of Trump supporters you could get an unfavourable impression Through blogging I have found the American poets to be interesting generous charming intelligent and creative and hopefully representative of a huge selection of the population. Chin up possum...
      she'll be right mate ! x

  8. Today is a good day here. The snow has melted, the sky is (mainly) blue, the sun is shining and life seems warmer, better.
    Love your write Bev, and I do so hope your depression lifts soon.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  9. It's right around the corner. I stand with you.

  10. Nothing puts things to right best than the blessed assurance that God would see us all through. Come, Spring, come!

  11. Oh how I love that hope-filled final line!