Sunday, February 28, 2021


Writer's Pantry #59 and we're asked to consider Love and Loss.  We all deal with loss in a different way, but there is one common thread -- we grieve at things left unsaid.  I've "tuned up" a poem from long ago that addresses the subject, a lesson we all seem to learn.  


We live day by day always thinking

There’ll be time to say things on the morrow

But death takes away all those chances

And we’re left full of words in our sorrow.

I looked at your lips still and silent

And I wanted to shout “It’s not fair!

We had things to be said to each other

How could we know there was no time to spare?”

Did you know when I sat by the graveside

And words flowed that had been left unsaid?

It seemed the world faded about me

And it seemed I heard your voice instead.

It seemed I heard “Life’s for the living.

There’s no turning back, it’s all done.

Hold close what we had while our lives touched,

But it’s time to pick up and move on.”

It’s true time heals, as it’s spoken

And I find life still good day by day

But when someone does something to please me

I try to take time now to say.

For I know our time here is fleeting

And life rushes by very fast

We must say what we feel when we feel it

Lest the moment to say it has passed.


  1. Your poem offers a fantastic explanation of why I speak to my little brother's urn so often. So much was left unsaid, unshared... He was so very young.

  2. A lot of wisdom in this piece.

  3. your poem touches me, and i am sure it will touch many other readers too. i have said "it's not fair", but have learned to remember them in my heart.

  4. You allowed a few thoughts to return to me and I'm thankful for that, Beverly.

  5. Yes, wisdom ... I like the 4th verse best.

  6. You speak truth! Now, if only I can speak the good things on my mind to the ones I love before the moment passes forever.

  7. I feel it. Even when not much is left unsaid I still want to say more. I have so many questions.

  8. Yes. I feel your words. Thank you.

  9. Life is uncertain. I love the last stanza. Thank you..