Wednesday, February 10, 2021


It's Weekly Scribblings and we're asked to consider the phrase "pulling your punches".   I've spent a lifetime trying to curb my tendency to verbally punch first and think later, and learn to practice restraint.  I wrote this poem ten years ago, but it seems to meet the challenge so well I've resurrected it (and updated my age).  Submitted to Poets and Storytellers United, February 10, 2021,

               PUNCHES PULLED

I’m the queen of blunt, I shoot from the lip

I’m sometimes the queen of complaint

I’ve spent my life with a lesson to learn

And that’s to use a cup of restraint.

I don’t play poker ‘cause everyone knows

If I’ve a full house or a bust

They look at my face which is sure to portray

My excitement, hope or disgust.

I’ve been trying for years, ever since I was young

To get rid of this inborn taint

To master the skill of holstering my tongue

And just use a cup of restraint.

Time’s running short, I’m nearing the end

Goodness knows, I’m eighty-seven

If I can’t learn how to pull my punches 

Do you think they’ll let me in heaven?


  1. Heaven is going to have to wait for Bev! And remind me to gather up folks for a high stakes game ...

  2. My mouth suffers from a similar affliction. LOL, and I'm also a terrible poker player. :D

  3. I'm another. At 81 I'm just beginning to get the knack of actually thinking a moment before I speak, and phrasing things a little more tactfully. In the past it always surprised me to be accused of being blunt ad even 'snappy' when I had no such intention but thought I was just being natural and forthright.

  4. Please don’t even contemplate heaven yet, Bev, you’ve got a lot more shooting from the lip to do – keep your tongue unholstered, we love reading your words.

  5. No'll talk your way through the pearly gates...St Peter will need a reviver after the experience;)

  6. Oh, I have a problem with restraint lately, when I see unmasked people in grocery stores (we have to wear them, it's not optional). A very cute poem.

  7. This was wonderful Bev! If there is a heaven I am reasonably certain you ‘ll get in... :)