Sunday, February 7, 2021


It's Writers' Pantry #56, the temperature this morning was 4 degrees (yes, FOUR), and I'm having a spell of Covid blues, so I've written a pity poem.   Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United, February 7, 2021. (Digital art is mine)


I’m an affable people person

Exchange of ideas is a fix

Discussion is motivation

I crave a social mix

I need a touch on the shoulder

A handshake or a hug

I want to sit at a table 

And see someone else’s mug

I’d love to see a movie

Most any kind of show

I’d be so danged excited

To have a place to go

Now I order groceries

I don’t shop inside any more

It would be exciting

Just to go to the grocery store

I’m known to be loquacious 

But I’m grounded now, you know

It’s winter in Indiana

Walkers don’t work in the snow

I’m having a pity party

But probably no one can come

We’re busy getting our vaccine

Waiting til we all get some



  1. The whole thing is so relatable, Bev. The last stanza made me sigh aloud, because I think most of us are having that party together while apart.

    I'm sending you gentle hugs and a mental picture of my mug: it's beige (and enormous), covered in little hearts and the phrase "I love you more" written on the inside. It was a gift from my boy, one of the things that makes me feel close to him (now that COVID doesn't let me see him as often).

  2. An upbeat poem for the time we are living in right now - sharing these thoughts so personably, helps us all through it somehow - thanks for this Beverley

  3. Truth! I'm an introvert, but I can't wait to go back to my local library and actually browse the stacks, hoping to stumble upon "just the right book." I haven't been inside a store since the first week of March 2020--almost a year!

  4. You somehow turn this time of isolation into fun. It's like having more nice clothes than ever before but no place to wear them or be seen.

  5. "I’m having a pity party
    But probably no one can come"

    I couldn't help smiling at that line!

  6. It must be so hard on the naturally gregarious! (Us hermits don't notice all that much difference, lol.)

  7. How important it is to have poetry written like this to record for the future what we have experieced over this last year.

  8. Cute! I, on the other hand, don't care if I see people or not! There are things I do want to do, desperately. Go into libraries instead of pick up holds, and go to thrift stores. It will be a year since I did that! I quit in March when they were open (are now again) when a cashier was coughing.

  9. We need to have a virtual pity party. Something to think about when you master Zoom! I love your pity poem.

  10. WOMP! There it is.
    And you nailed it perfectly, Beverly. Thanks.

  11. I so understand. I have wondered if I am merely an Avatar dancing through the web.