Saturday, December 19, 2020


Sunday Muse #138  This should be an ode to all dance-away lovers!  Submitted December 19, 2020
Once you said you loved me,
claimed me for your very own 
now you’ve found another 
and left me here alone 

 I feel so discarded 
thrown out like the trash 
all that’s left of the flame of love 
is bitter, lonely ash 

Once you were my handsome prince
I loved with all my heart 
now I see your true self 
that was hidden from the start 

 I should warn your new love 
your conquests are merely numbered 
conquered and then discarded 
as you go on unencumbered 

You really need a bumper sticker 
to go with your perfect face and hair 
it needs to have but a single word 
and that word is BEWARE!


  1. Oh that flame of love can burn down mighty fast! Let's manufacture the bumper stickers .. I will be your marketing gal.

  2. Replies
    1. Caveat emptor
      Charmer and tempter
      (Oh Lord, why do I always think in rhyme???)

  3. Some great rhyme in this Beverly! A scorned lover always has such a tale to tell.

  4. This is...perfect. Love the fourth stanza and the way the sadness doesn't overcome the speaker's fire. :)

  5. Wonderful rhyming Bev! There are all kinds that make the scene. Somehow they speak the same language leaving a trail of broken hopes!


  6. An ode to all dance-away lovers. Now that gives me an idea for a poem. I have encountered the species and decided dogs are better. Smiles.

  7. haha - BEWARE indeed. This has a great pace and a lyrical feel. Well done Bev!

  8. Nice one. Merry Christmas


  9. "You really need a bumper sticker" - LOL! Nice.

  10. Yes! I'm all for that warning bumper sticker! Delightful writing!

  11. Choice words, "Who let the dogs out?" And "BEWARE, predator on the loose." Too much of that going on, I knew a fellow sort of like that, he was married and his 'girl friends' were aware of that.

  12. A wonderful rhyme here Beverly for a sad but all too common story.

  13. Strong piece Bev. Yes, BEWARE. Well written. I am listening to Laura’s slbum “Angle In The Dark”as I write this. Damn she was good. Left us way too soon!