Saturday, December 26, 2020


Sunday Muse #140, 2020 ending and Chrissa challenges us for our in-between poems.  My plethora of scattered thoughts seem to fit the year just past, scribbled in my bedside notebook of midnight epiphanies.  Happy New Year!   Submitted December 26, 2020.


2020, year in review

what a dreadful, mixed-up stew

tumbling thoughts in a soup tureen

isms and schisms, and in between 

pollywogs, goldfish and carp

the dulcet tones of a distant harp

frosted windows and naked trees

butterflies and honey bees

sound of a jet flight overhead

scrambled words from a book I’ve read

I’d like to meet a chimney sweep

why oh why can’t I get to sleep. 


  1. OK this is getting spooky good!!! Jet planes indeed, fantasies.

  2. I LOVE this! Especially frosted windows and naked trees.

  3. A wonderful write of your scattered thoughts Beverly! Wishing you a happy and promising new year with good night sleeps and poetic dreams!

  4. Replies
    1. What I meant to type, before my clumsy fingers decided that I was already done, was that 2020 is so well described in the second line. The whole year has been a bit of a dreadful mix (mess). Let's hope we can sleep soundly on the 31st, and then wake up to a better 2021.

  5. I love the mixed up soup, and then pollywogs. I imagined pollywogs wiggling around in a soup tureen! Which is a good way to think of this past year, so mixed up and confusing. We do need a good sweeping out.

  6. This was great Bev! :) Insomnia is my is my frequent night guest, so I can definitely relate. Excellent rhyme, made me smile.

  7. Frog-fish stew is a perfect way to describe that late-night tumble of thoughts. That almost turn to the marvelous beguiles--hope sleep finds it way there soon!

  8. 2020 will be over soon...your loony President will be leaving so things must improve.Stay safe.

    1. Yes, we'll all heave a sigh of relief when our loony President leaves the White House. Now if he would only shut up!!! May 2021 bring you all good things!

  9. Yes, a stew is a perfect description of this year.

  10. It certainly is a troubling year. Not sleeping well is very common in such situations


  11. I once knew a chimney sweep, I can't remember now who this was. "why oh why can’t I get to sleep," I like one other tonight, could not sleep. My 2nd wife taught me wheat my mother did not. "Close you eyes and go to sleep." I go to sleep about the fastest of anyone you could know. And, I like your rhyme.

  12. I enjoyed your rhyme scheme. Your choice of words echoes the confusion we experience in life. "Frosted windows and naked trees"
    great line.

    Wishing you a safe and healthy 2021.