Wednesday, December 2, 2020


Weekly Scribblings wherein we're to consider the new words of 2020.   Heaven help us they are all words we wish never to hear again!   My poem is at once pithy and theoretical moonshot for escape!    Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United   December 2, 2020


 I used to live in Smilealot

It was a carefree town

Now I live in Anthropause

and blursdays tend to get me down

Doomscrolling makes me morbid

There seems no good news to find

The plethora of infodemics

Endangers my soundness of mind

I refuse  to let the messages

Of death, despair and rumor

Lead me to drinking Kool-aid

And losing my good humor

I’m checking out of cyberspace

No computer, no iPad, no phone

Just come knocking at my door

When the bird of madness has flown.


  1. Givin' you the bird, not for real!!! Each stanza is a tour de force, the first one is absolutely my favorite.

  2. I know for my mental health I just had to put down the phone and spend a few minutes looking at any place else.

  3. I'm right there with you when it comes to infodemic and doomscrolling and the rest. If we are to survive the madness, we must keep our good humor.

    I really enjoyed the rhythm.

  4. You are not alone in your feeling or thinking through this present day madness


  5. "Smilealot" sounds like a great place to be! The "bird of madness" can't fly off too soon for me. I guess it's several different birds in the US, different madness.

  6. Sadly the rules change to try the curb the disobedient few.

  7. I've heard that the mask haters don't believe in the Golden Rule either. I would have liked to have lived in "Smilealot", Smiley was one of my nicknames in school. I still smile.

  8. way to go! Multiple usages; very impressive!

  9. That would be one way to have a bit of peace of mind - chuck all electronics!

  10. “When the bird of madness has flown “ - that is priceless, Bev, S us this whole clever poem!