Tuesday, December 1, 2020


Poetics Tuesday at dVerse and Sarah has challenged us to choose one of seven lines to use for our title or a line in our poem. I've chosen "Lead dogs are very smart", something we have all grown to question in the last four years.
 Submitted to dVerse December 1, 2020 

At least that’s what’s been printed
But our sled is out of control
Our lead dog seems a bit demented

When fate put us all in time out
(Something we could never foresee)
All of our best laid plans
Were obviously not to be

No more lunches with friends
Our groups don’t meet any more
Now our only outing
Is going to the grocery store

Some of us are working at home
Some are not working at all
There seems little to occupy our time
Except wait for the other shoe to fall

We seem to feel all at loose ends
As if we’ve been left in the lurch
Good heavens what’s to become of us
We can’t even go to church

Our president has gone to play golf
The press are clamoring to meet
He refuses to vacate the White House
And simply won’t admit defeat

Heaven only  knows
Where all of it is going to end
We long for simple things
Like having lunch with a friend

We look to the Lady of Hope
You know the one I mean
Soon she’ll make an appearance
Her name, I’m told, is VACCINE


  1. Vaccines are coming... but I fear it will take a lot of time until it turns things back to normal...

  2. I sincerely hope vaccines come soon ... it is becoming difficult. Powerful write, Bev 💝💝

  3. Accurate description of pandemic frustration. I pray at the altar of Vaccine on an ongoing basis, Beverly.

  4. I'd applaud, but my fingers, crossed for better conditions ASAP, would not sound loudly enough to express my admiration for this fine work, Well done, Beerly!

  5. Frustrations of the current state of affairs, well expressed!

  6. The Lead Dog ~~ love how you used that line as your title and to describe him. Very, very clever.

  7. Such a great review of the past year: 'When fate put us all in time out' exactly that. At least your lead dog should be getting sent out of the house next month. If only they'd lock him up in the pound like the demented dog he is!

  8. I love this! It's a great combination of bouncing rhythm and deceptively deep message. I like the idea of Our Lady Vaccine - I can picture her in a white robe with a big old needle.

  9. You are the first to choose this title, Bev, and I like the way you turned it into an extended metaphor. I especially like the lines:
    ‘But our sled is out of control
    Our lead dog seems a bit demented’
    ‘Heaven only knows
    Where all of it is going to end
    We long for simple things
    Like having lunch with a friend’.
    So true!

  10. Sadly Bev our lead dog the last four years has gotten us quite lost. The good news is we have a far better lead dog that will head to pack going forward. Faders fickle but faith in our fellow humansMust remain. Excellent bit of writing here my friend.

  11. Before I even read the poem I was smiling, at "something we have all grown to question in the last four years". LOL. A clever poem. Lovely to read you, Bev.

  12. Well done, Beverly.
    The problem with our lead dog is that he keeps turning back to bite at the heels of those he's supposed to be leading.

  13. A good summation of the year. I like the way you put all the sayings we use in a fresh context.

  14. Very good poem Beverly. When the lead dog goes out of control the whole sled goes over the cliff. Sort of like the people on the ice flow that broke off and now they are lost in oblivion!

  15. Love that you've personified the vaccine. Clever writing.