Thursday, December 17, 2020


Oh my!  Line endings.  Me, who only knows precise rhyming lines, is asked to step out of her box.  I have taken a phrase from Mary Oliver's "The Gardener" ... "Have I experienced happiness with sufficient gratitude"  and wandered into where I am lost!  

The little slate reads

"Count Blessing

Choose Happy"

my mantra, my daily reminder recognize if I have experienced

a simple moment of happiness

that might have passed unnoticed with-

out pausing to practice sufficient

time spent in humble gratitude.

,,,to recognize blessings 

are small and simple things

I am grateful 




  1. Beverly, glad you decided to step out of your box, then decided to tap dance on top of it. Appreciating small blessings is a key factor to happiness in my book too. Happy Holidays and see you in 2021!

  2. Lovely piece Bev - and wise words particularly at this difficult time - and just as I'm writing this the wind, hot and unsettled, blew onto my keyboard a dandelion seed attached by a long stem to its silken parachute. Small wonders.

  3. Gratitude in small things is enough.

    Thank you Bev for being part of our poetry community. Happy Holidays to you!

  4. A beautiful reflection on what matters most .. you chose a perfect line on which to build your poem. Cheers, Bev!

  5. Mary Oliver...sigh, you chose well and perfect ending.

  6. A fitting tribute to the spirit of Mary Oliver. It has grace and truth. (K)

  7. So well said - you don't come over as lost at all! I am grateful for you sharing this lovely poem :-)

  8. You stepped out and ran, skipped and jumped. Lovely poem!

  9. I believe that it's the small things that bring us the most pleasure. Lovely poem.

  10. A profound question for us all to ponder, I enjoyed your daily reminder and hope to read more of your works in the new year, keep spreading the light! ✨

  11. Excellent response to Peter’s wonderful prompt, very moving Bev. Hope you have a great holiday season, and look forward to reading more of your work in 2021.

  12. Might be outside your comfort zone, Beverly, but you nailed it. Salute!

  13. this is wonderful. I have to say I am grateful for enough, but I awlays want more. :) Well, I guess not always, sometimes I want less. :)