Saturday, December 12, 2020

This is Today

Sunday Muse #138,  and our photo of inspiration somehow reminded me of my mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s, as it seemed fog enshrouded her and she struggled to keep track of her days that seemed to pass anonymously in their sameness.  

Submitted December 12, 2020.  



Once she was a multi-tasker

If you wanted something just ask her

But time had taken its toll

It seemed a fog confused her

Everyday things bemused her

Remembering was her goal

She hung a calendar on her wall

To try to keep some sense of it all

Names and faces faded away

Determined to keep it all in line

She wrote on a day with pencil fine

“This”, she wrote carefully “is today”. 


  1. THIS .. is so reminiscent of my Mother's struggles. And brought tears to my eyes, the approaching Holidays a reminder of what I am missing most.

  2. That last line. This is heartbreaking.

  3. I too saw a fog and my mother, but for me it was her grief and depression. This is beautifully written and you are a master at rhyme Beverly. The story in this tugs at my heart strings. I know that journey of loss had to be so hard for you.

  4. How very difficult for you. I have no experience with anyone I know having Alzheimer's, but it does sound like quite a struggle for caregivers and loved ones. Lovely poem.

  5. Brilliant last verse to top off an enjoyable read

  6. This is today, the reader can feel the struggle that the foggy mind has to navigate on a daily basis. Heartbreaking...

  7. “This”, she wrote carefully “is today”. - very powerful.

  8. Yes...One day at a time. Claim the day before it is lost to you.

  9. I can't even imagine what it must be like to lose one's self in such a way. It's a terribly cruel disease.

  10. There us so much sadness in seeing someone disappear like that
    Thanks for sharing this emotions with us

    Happy you dropped by my blog