Wednesday, January 13, 2021


 At Poets & Storytellers’ Wednesday Scribblings,  Rosemary has asked us to write something using a phrase from Mary Oliver’s beautiful poem “Landscape”.  I was struck by the phrase “the doors to my heart”.  Certainly this past week, the doors to my heart were opened wide --- once in deep sorrow to see the unbelievable happenings in my America, and again in unfathomable joy at the birth of my great granddaughter  It was a day of contrasts.  



On the  East coast, an angry throng gathered at the behest of their leader, who fanned the flames of their discontent with untruths and treasonous rhetoric.  I’ll walk with you”, he said, as he encouraged them to storm the seat of our government and disrupt the process of democracy.  Instead, he retired to a safe room where he watched on television the chaos he had wrought, as the very halls of the Capitol were filled with destructive, ransacking hoodlums, and a nation looked on in horror and dismay.

Meanwhile, in stark contrast, on the West coast a wee tiny baby girl struggled her way into a troubled world.  Downy cap of black hair, bright eyes and button nose, rosebud mouth, ten perfect fingers, ten perfect toes, and tiny ears, delicate and fragile as sea shells in ocean depths, she was born to young parents who looked on her with joy, pride, and immeasurable love, and an extended family who rejoiced with them.

They named her Margo, child of light.  May her light so shine. 


  1. Wonderful juxtaposition.
    Happy Wednesday Bev


  2. Oh, congratulations on the birth of your great granddaughter! How thrilling for you. What a wonderful name. A beautiful tribute to her.

  3. Wonderful writing, Bev, in describing both these contrasting events. I pray that Margot grows up into a saner, safer, more peaceful world.

  4. Margo is a pretty name, it may help her go a long way. West coast movie world? I talked in my sleep last night, I never do that. I talked of heart things and I cannot figure out why. Half the world watched in horror, and now we count the neighbors of our who were in there killing and wrecking. Sad.

  5. A dark story with a happy ending. Thank you. May it go as well with America!

  6. Congratulations, to you and the parents! What a bright delight in the middle of all this awful. May sweetest Margo's world be so much better than ours.

    1. P.S. I love her name extra much. My grandmother's was Margarita and everyone called her Margó. So the name brought me all sorts of smiles.