Tuesday, January 19, 2021


dVerse Tuesday Poetics, and Merrill has asked us to consider connections in these days of the pandemic.  In the midst of it all we moved to a new community and the clubhouse has been closed to gathering.  I have been able to connect with a small group of women with a kindred interest in recreational writing, and we exchange our writing efforts by e-mail monthly. Elsewise, Merrill has asked us to consider how we’re connecting words, phrases and lines in our poems.  I seem always to think in rhyme, lines tidily complete (I can't seem to conquer enjambment).  Today,  I’ve been inspired to write a Jabberwockian nonsense poem for a little light relief.   Submitted January 19, 2021


Thunderation and dagnabbit

The obfurcator broke

It’s all wonkily awry

What’s more it’s bespoke

To make matters worse

and confabulate the story

There’s an obvious kink

In the confligatory

The trip may be abandoned

For reasons excomplicit

We’ve searched the  profabulary

But can’t seem to fix it

So hail and farewell

We’re stuck-- quarantined

Mayhap we’ll congregate in Valhalla

When we’ve all been vaccined 



  1. I enjoyed your Jabberwocky style poem! I think you must had had fun with it. 😀
    I'm glad you've been able to connect with others in the midst of the pandemic.

  2. Sorry Beverly, you'll have to pick a different venue—no women in Valhalla, only valorous male warriors.

    1. Good point. I've always wondered why the list of synonyms is led by "heaven" and "paradise". Hmmmm

  3. So much fun... maybe that's what we can do being in quarantine.

  4. This is gorgeously rendered, Beverly!❤️

  5. Nice one Bev😁we look forward to vacinated connecting again

    Happy you dropped by to read mine


  6. Nothing more disturbing than a kinky confligatory.
    Thanks for the liftoid, Beverly.

  7. HaHa...I love aa good nonsense poem. Brilliant Bev! I also love the word 'wonky' ☺️

  8. Are we the only writers old enough to recognize dagnabbit? Bet so. This is a delightful romp!

  9. I use wonky all the time. And I think I learned dagnabbit from Looney Tunes. Love your funny poem

  10. Bev, you write humor well. Thanks for the smile..

  11. aha! this left me chuckling, Bev. and yes. I hope!

  12. ha, I loved this, so cleverly and beautifully penned down!

  13. Oh, excellent, Beverly! I really enjoyed this bit of sensical nonsense!

  14. We must keep our sense of humor!

  15. The logical direction towards working together is so inviting and your group did it better by working on them. A delightful rendition Bev!


  16. Such a skilfully humorous splendiferous poem, so sublime about this tumultuous time ...

    I used to reply to your lovely comments until I realised you wouldn't get notice to read them :(
    So glad you are part of my tribe,
    enjoyed this joyful ride!

  17. Made me smile! My day has been a little off but reading this is tilting me back into some sense of balance, haha! Great wordplay!