Sunday, January 24, 2021


A wintry morning in my world with a light dusting of new snow. From my warm spot looking out, I'm reminded of the promise of seasons and the daily blessings in my world. It is good to revisit them in this time of enforced solitude.  Submitted to Writer's Pantry #54  Poets & Storytellers United, 1-24-21 

How I wish I could capture this world that I see
 And relay to others what it says to me 
How it settles me into my comfortable groove 
Warmed by the fireplace, too lazy to move 
That new fallen snow can cast a spell 
A promise of new beginnings and all that ends well 
That sunrise assures me another day 
 To explore and experience what I may 
And rainbows are blessings that follow rain 
To let me know sunshine will come again 
That music transports me to far-away places 
And brings to memory beloved faces 
That birds are feathered miracles sent to remind us 
That faith can help us put sorrow behind us 
And surely as leaves fall and winter winds blow 
Spring will follow with renewed life to show 
How I wish I could capture this world that I see 
And relay to others what it says to me.


  1. I believe you relayed it ~ perfectly.

  2. "That sunrise assures me another day"
    My favourite line

    Thanks for dropping by my blog today


  3. A simple blessing, simply expressed.

  4. I'm with Helen, I believe your wish keeps coming true every time you share your wonderful words. It's a gift to see the seasons through your eyes. Thank you for that, Bev.

  5. I think you let us feel it and that is truly a blessing.

  6. This is written in a magical way. :) I like how the two lines bookend the poem.

  7. this is a really delightful poem to read! and yes, there is such a feeling of warmth in the poem.

  8. I think you have done a very good job of capturing and relaying it!

  9. I agree that you have captured and relayed the promise of the blessings of this wonderful world and how you see them.
    Lovely write.
    Anna :o]

  10. Beautiful! I love the cheer that it brings the reader.

  11. yeah - message is clear. The images do the work.