Sunday, January 17, 2021


Writers' Pantry #53 at Poets & Storytellers United.  Of course I love Bronte, because her poems rhyme, which brings me to a little frivolity in rhyme of my own.  This is based on a true experience. Heaven knows we must learn to laugh at ourselves!   Submitted on January 17, 2021


           THE NAVY SLIP

 T’was at my friend’s daughter’s wedding

I’ve remembered it all this while

I’d taken the arm of my usher

And we’d headed up the aisle.

Under my brand new navy dress

I wore my ancient navy half slip

It’s elastic was weak and weary

But it hung on my ample hip.

I was looking downright regal

For our brief trip, heaven knows

But, soon that dratted half slip

Fell down about my toes.

I hardly missed a forward step

As I bent to pick it up

Gathered it in my fist

And continued on…Hup Hup

My escort looked over at me

With a twinkle in his eye

“It was just my slip”, I whispered

And slid into my seat with a sigh.

When I told it at the reception

We all had a laugh quite hearty

As I sat slipless among good friends

At that well-remembered wedding party.

I’m attending a wedding in a week or two

But I won’t take a chance

I’ll still be downright regal,

But I’ll be wearing pants!


  1. OH MY LORD! Really? Most hysterical thing I've read in many a moon. I will never let you live this down. LOL

  2. If true, how hilarious, now! I remember slips slipping down too. You know, I don't even own a dress anymore. Not one. My last job I wore jeans. Certainly not my mother's way.

    1. It IS true! I don't own a dress any more either. Don't miss them either!!

  3. Bwahahaha! Oh, Bev, this is delicious. I can't stop laughing. And you are so right, life makes a lot more sense (to me, at least) when we can laugh at ourselves. Things get even better when we share the laughter, so thank you so much for this.

  4. I saw the whole thing and laughed with you...not when it happened but later. I felt right away that the slip was going to slip but at least you didn't.

  5. Never be afraid of a slip like that. How many of us of both sexes have had such an experience. However I am glad it was you this time!

  6. A good laugh at the twist in the end, Beverly! I hope you enjoy the wedding in a couple of weeks

  7. Better than losing your bloomers...yep stick with the pants

  8. and you hardly missed a step! such composure!
    your poem is a delight to read. :)

  9. Bev, this is funny, and it feel real honey! :) Ya’ put a grin above me chin... thanks my friend!

  10. LOL! Proof that one can hold on to their poise and have a good laugh at the same time.