Sunday, January 10, 2021


 A couple of story poems came to me during our holiday hiatus, a distraction from the mayhem in Washington,  Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United January 10, 2021,


She was Katie, the farmer’s daughter

The butt of many a joke

But she was not the naïve maiden

Of whom they often spoke

She recognized the city slicker

When he came to call with a plan

To charm the farmer’s daughter

And steal her father’s land

 Katie had her own scheme

Which he could not foresee

I’ll teach the city slicker, she thought,

To try to take advantage of me

Batting her eyelashes, she plied him with liquor

And checked his pockets for stash

While he slept in a drunken stupor

She relieved him of his cash

And when the slicker awakened

Much to his surprise

He learned that the sweet Katie

Was a schemer in disguise

Crestfallen he headed back to the city

He wouldn’t admit his mistake

That he’d been the unwitting victim

Of the farmer’s daughter, Kate.

And the moral of the story

Is don’t let down your guard

If you plan to fool the farmer’s daughter

You’ll be hoist on your own petard.


  1. she enjoyed the scam so much
    she wanted to keep in touch
    so she invited him back
    then gave him a thwack
    and said do stay for lunch

  2. Glorious rhyme! Funny rhyme! Cheers.

  3. I wish there were more Kates in the world!

  4. Nice to read a bit of humor this morning!

  5. Good for her! I always cheer for a girl that finds a way to get hers, in a world where too many act as if she deserves none.

  6. What a great narrative poem Always love when justice is being done

  7. I'll have to watch out if Katie ever comes calling!
    I read through this with a couple different rhythms/tunes in my head. Hmm...

  8. enjoyed the story and the rhymes. brilliant!
    go, Kate!

  9. Ha ha good for her. Nice one Bev