Thursday, January 28, 2021


 The daily news, dreary weather, and enforced solitude are getting to me.  It is good to have an occasional dream of being wild and free.   If it were to be so, I imagine it might  be something like this space trip.  Submitted to dVerse Meet the Bar- Beginnings  and to Poets & Storytellers United Writers' Pantry  Januiary 2021


          UP UP AND AWAY

Up, up and away to the land of dreams

Where the mind escapes, or so it seems

Last night, for example, was a remarkable ride

And oh the wonderful things I espied

We boarded our space ship, met our pilot, Android

Then sped off in our aluminum asteroid

Among all the glorious and memorable sights

Was our stunning drive-by of the northern lights

The star wranglers were busy arranging display

We rode through it all on the milky way

Ursa major and minor, the large and small dipper

Onward we sped with Android, our skipper

In the corner I noted a golden spittoon

Where they kept the skyhooks for hanging the moon

I saw the moon-jumping cow, the cat and the fiddle

The dish and the spoon singing hey diddle diddle

We encountered turbulence o’er the bounding main

The cloud walkers told us it was a hurricane

The cumulus and nimbus soon parted ways

Revealing the sun’s powerful beams and rays

We wanted our trip to go on and on

As we were enjoying the glorious dawn

It was the very best space trip anyone could take

Til the alarm sounded and I was rudely awake.


  1. Great opening line Bev, love this space jaunt thru your vivid imagination! The nursery rhymes and climatic changes took me on the ride with you, lovely

  2. This is absolutely fabulous, Bev! I so enjoyed the tone, flow and rhythm here 💝💝

  3. I HATE those damned clocks!
    Very enjoyable read, Beverly. Thanks.

  4. I love this! Next time, ask Santa to jump onboard .... he needs a change of scenery. Great rhyme, wonderful fantasy .... our moon is full tonight, dream well.

  5. What an adventure with Android the Skipper. I love the golden spitoon with hangers for the moon. Maybe one day there will be a tour like that but for now dreaming it is just as exciting.

  6. I haven't awakened to the sound of an alarm clock for over 50 years. If one went off by my head in the morning, I'd probably die of fright!

    1. HA, me either, but I didn't know how else to end the fantasy!

  7. Ouch! That alarm! It hurt more because of the dreamy quality of the poem.

  8. A fun escape from the cold rainy days. I hate it when I am having a great dream and the alarm goes off.

  9. You and Lisa have the best dreams! 👏👏 I like the idea of the moon hung on a skyhook. Lots of great images in here, the alarm was a buzzkill.

  10. Quite the trip, Beverly, I like those "skyhooks for hanging the moon"!

  11. Oh Bev that opening line just lifted me right up. What a charming poem wonderful to read.

  12. I rode on your wings in this one, Bev! Such an uplifting poem,
    especially the cloud walkers.

  13. I love the space-travel.. so sad that it wasn't for real---

  14. Wonderful dream. I'd like one just like it.

  15. What an adventure. Ah but wake up tine must come

    Happy Sunday

    Thanks for dropping by my blog today


  16. You aren't alone in those feelings. I think this situation is getting to most of us in one way or another. I wonder how man alarm clocks have been smashed (mentally and otherwise) in order to keep a freeing dream going...

  17. You really got me dreamy. I want to rock in the cradle of the crescent moon!

  18. What a delight to read I would love to come on the ride and see the northern lights What a great adventure that was

  19. Enjoyed this so much! A cross between Star Trek and The Owl and the Pussycat.

  20. i have always loved your rhymes and fun verses. this poem is so lighthearted and such a delight to read. and "skyhooks for hanging the moon", what an image!
    wish that dream could last a little longer. :)

  21. Wait for meeeeee! What a great ride this was. Can we ride again? :) I love this very much.

  22. What a total delight from start to finish! I'd like to take that ride, too.

  23. I once was told to stay asleep until I have a vivid dream...that alarm never lets me.

  24. I enjoyed your wonderful trip.
    Damned alarm clocks though!
    Anna :o]