Saturday, March 13, 2021


 The Sunday Muse #151.  Isn't that just like a man?  Just as we're approaching summer, he's leaping back into winter.   I considered some Photoshop chicanery to get him headed in the right direction, but then decided he deserved whatever he got!  Submitted March 13, 2021


ah, the folly of foxy fellows

gamboling gaily on lazy summer days

she succumbed to his devilish charm

believing their love would last forever

but summer waned,  and so did he

with scarcely the flash of his magnificent tail

he leaped off in a cloud of good intentions.....

to find himself, he promised

but she and the kits knew

himself was ever a liaison away

populating the prairie 


  1. Yes, there is a similarity in our tales my friend, but yours is clever and brilliantly told. Sometimes it is better to just let that fox run. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead Beverly with Spring in the air. :-)

  2. You told the tale of heartbreak so well. The foxy fellow out there populating the prairie, having a good time, leaving a trail of broken hearts behind him :(

  3. Ha, I have lived this tale, sadly more than once. Finding himself was what the last one said; the final nail in the coffin. He was a bit long in the tooth for that line to work. LOL.

  4. Golly, Bev, you've written of my first married love, same actions, reverse the sexes. We married young and after thirteen years she needed to find herself, except her new love went with her. I was crushed.
    Most who are in love want to believe that the love will last forever, it takes two with no slips by either.

  5. Watch out fot those silver-tongued devils.

  6. And a 'happy wanderer' I wager ... lots of wonderful lines in this, Bev!

  7. As they say, a leopard doesn't change his spots. She knew he was a rogue when she fell for him. They are so much more fun than the stolid serious ones, or so we think.

  8. a salutary tale - love the alliteration at the start
    "foxy fellows

    gamboling gail"

  9. "he leaped off in a cloud of good intentions..... / to find himself, he promised" - LOL! Yep...

  10. Foxy fellow indeed. And their ways! Enjoyable lines.

  11. Oh what a fox.. There's always another vixen over the horizon. The ones left behind are left to cope.

  12. A foxy tale.Good intentions are not part of a fox's psyche.