Tuesday, March 16, 2021


Poetics Tuesday and Kim has challenged us to write a metaphor for being human that begins with the wrds "This being human is ..."   Submitted to dVerse, March 16, 2021


This being human is like the rock 

that breaks from the face of a 

mountaintop, landing in the stream below. 

Well-defined, shiny and sharp-edged, 

uniquely formed like no other, it begins its

journey to the valley below, gathering 

green moss from the sparkling waters, 

unaware of the rapids that lie ahead. 

The waters grow deep, sometimes murky

 but ever pushing it on its downward 

journey.  Tumbling, bruised and battered, 

its sharp edges grow smoothened and polished. 

It arrives in the valley, at last honed and pristine, 

aged from its journey, and. if it’s a lucky rock, 

enjoys a quiet time to bask in sunshine and revel 

that it survived the trip.  


  1. I love the description of life as that rock finding peace in the valley below... may we all lay there basking a while before the sun sets.

  2. I like the idea of a "lucky rock." :) Very good metaphor!

  3. hope we all have a chance to bask before our suns set.

  4. Love this especially; "it begins its journey to the valley below, gathering green moss from the sparkling waters, unaware of the rapids that lie ahead."💝

  5. Oh I like this, Beverly, especially the smoothing process and then the enjoyment of the quiet time for reveling. I see myself as a chunk of jade that's getting there...

  6. Ah, probably the best metaphor I've read tonight. Excellent!!!

  7. Wonderful work, Beverly, capturing the journey and the changes it creates. Bellisimo!

  8. Like a rolling stone in the river of life...love your metaphor, Bev!

  9. A lovely extended metaphor here, Beverly: the image of a weathered rock basking in the sun made me smile!

  10. I love the rock metaphor, Bev. A rock is strong, withstands all weather, while at the same time being weathered to breaking point until it becomes something else. Your description of its journey in the stream is delightful, especially the lines:
    ‘…Tumbling, bruised and battered,
    its sharp edges grow smoothened and polished’
    and that ‘quiet time to bask in sunshine’ is so inviting!

  11. Bev,

    This is, simply, a FANTASTIC metaphor. It is truly inspired.


  12. Here's to being honed and pristine, and basking in sunshine!

  13. Oh yes. This is exactly what the journey is like.

  14. You speak a lot of truth here! I like that for all our trouble we come out smoothened and polished! 🎉🥳🎊

  15. I can empathise with this one lovely and witty all at the same time

  16. We have been blessed for the decades spent basking in the sun ~~

  17. Wonderful metaphor of life's journey! I like the idea of being able to bask in the sun and revel in our memories.

  18. Oh hell yes Bev — grateful as hell dear lady! Maybe we can be the top rock in a beautiful stone fence, or lie proudly in an open field, with gentle grasses to caress us. Wowly wonderful write my friend... :)

  19. This is creatively vivid... hw8we yearn to be shaped and moulded by our enduring then have a peaceful rest when all is done.

  20. I really enjoyed where you went, I could feel the journey of the rock and it's transformation along the way. I often find rocks with faces in them and wonder about the spirit inside.