Sunday, March 7, 2021


Writers' Pantry #150. Sometimes dreams are so vivid we don't want to wake up. I had such a one last night. It was wonderful being young again.....if only for the moment! Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United, March 7, 2021 *****************************
I was walking 
down the street 
on a sunny day 
striding along 
full of youthful 
 I saw my reflection 
in the shop window--
 back arrow straight 
butt tucked 
stomach in 
chest out.
 I owned the world! 
 Then I woke up.....

well, damn!


  1. Oh, so lovely, Bev. Who would want to wake up from such a beautiful and vivid dream! I always enjoy the humour you inject into your writings. Thank you for the smiles. :)

  2. I've uttered your last line more than once, after a wonderful dream ends. Still, it's good to have them, right? My favorites are the ones where I can run in the woods...

  3. Ah well, good that our wishes can be fulfilled for a little while and we get to experience those joyful emotions.

  4. This is wonderful, personal, funny, wishful thinking poetry! Damn.

  5. Haha what a shame you woke up I love these vivid dreams like you experience another reality

  6. We you certainly gave us readers a good laugh!

  7. Bummer. Even though I'm (almost) never surprised, I still hate waking up.