Wednesday, March 3, 2021


 Weekly Scribblings features some phrases from the Broadway Musical “Hamilton”, the story  of one of our founding fathers, and  a view of American politics at the time of the American Revolution.   My random thoughts about the pandemic feature options #3 and #4.


”Talk less. Smile more”, is a phrase hardly applicable to our pandemic times.   The wearing of a mask leaves us only the eyes to signal a smile, and renders talk to a muffled  monotone.   The problem, however, is not problematic, since we are closeted in our homes and discouraged human contact.   Life, devoid of  human touch . leaves us longing for a simple handshake, a pat on the shoulder, and desperate for a hug,  We order our groceries and shop on line, bank at the drive-up window and, for a large part of our female population, discover our hair has turned gray under the tint that has become our norm for more years than we care to count.   As for the gentlemen, no trips to the barber result in drastically different and sometimes bizarre coiffures.  Our iPhone and iPad become our closest friends, and it is not difficult to believe “dying is easy, living is hard".


  1. I'm going to be hugging all my friends when this mess is over!

  2. Wow you nailed the prompt. Happy Wednesday
    Thanks for dropping by to read mine

  3. Sadly formerly living our lives in a free world where we did what we wanted, having to abide by new rules is most annoying,

  4. Great response to that wonderful line! I often say to folks I pass in the grocery store .... "I'm smiling, can you tell?" They say yes. And the only positive to wearing a mask ~~ I can curse without anyone hearing me. And I have.

  5. ...what we took for granted. Will we ever be the same again? Thoughtfully written!

  6. All so true. Nicely put. I have yet to meet my daughter's boyfriend, it's been more than a year, and they're now serious! (More than serious actually, which is very exciting.)
    My hair was already grey, but I've been "trimming" it. Fortunately, it has enough curl that it isn't that obvious, or so I tell myself.

  7. Right on, Beverly. Mrs. Jim went white a couple of years ago so okay there. First few months I cut my own, plus I learned with the students who cut my hair at our cosmetology lab. I relearned quickly from my bachelor days, only much shorter now. I get compliments on my eyes signaling my smile, I generally smile a lot.
    Told you I'd fit, nice and comprehensive article.