Wednesday, May 19, 2021


Weekly Scribblings, and Rommy asks us to write in the form of a list.  It occurs to me I need a list to remind me which musical tone in our new home is telling me what.  As I compile the list, I’m wondering if any of us remember what silence is!

1.  The musical beep from the stove when it has reached the heat level requested.

2.   The slightly different tone from the Air Fryer when it’s reached requested level, the second double beep when it’s time to turn the food items over, and the final multiple beep when the cycle is completed.

3.   The happy little tones of our Roomba leaving her station for cleaning duty, and her different little tones when she’s returned to her docking station for recharging.

4.   The washing machine signaling its cycle is complete.

5.  The dryer with its companion signal when drying time has expired.

6.  The Ring signal from our surveillance system to let us know someone is at the door.

7.  The beep of the Echo monitor in the kitchen when it has a message.

8.  The sweet tone of my Alexa monitor in my office reminding me to check the washer, the dryer, the stove or whichever bell and whistle I have managed to ignore!

9.  The voice of the Alexa monitor in my bedroom giving me the weather update.

10.  The musical tone from my iPhone when someone has left a message.

11.   The different musical tones when I have an incoming call.

12.  Occasional alarming tones when scammers are alerting me my computer is going to implode if I don’t respond to their request.

13.   The chimes of the grandfather clock marking the hours of my life.

14.  The tune of the upstairs clock that plays a classical tune every hour on t he hour.

Indeed, do you hear what I hear?


  1. I've always knew that daily life is rather noisy. But this piece makes me realize that it's even noisier than I thought. Thank goodness for noise cancellation devices, and the ability to let things drone in the background.

  2. I hear what you hear ... and I love it!

  3. Goodness gracious! No, I don't hear as much as you do. No Roomba (though I can figure out what it must be) and no Alexa. Also no clothes dryer (I live in a sunny part of the world). No surveillance system, no Echo monitor whatever that may be. No air fryer, a silent stove.... I do have similar noises on phone and other devices, also the little tune on washing machine when the cycle is finished. And noises of the fridge doing its work. And when I have my hearing aids turned up, I sometimes become aware of a huge level of white noise.

  4. That’s a lot of sounds, Bev! Sometimes too much silence echoes the loneliness, so I enjoy a bit of noise, At the moment, I can hear birds and the tap of my keyboard, the occasional rumble of a tractor going by. The only thing that beeps in our house is the microwave, which I use two or three times a day. We haven’t had a doorbell for years, which is very annoying because the postman has to knock on the window or walk round the back of the house to my study. What on earth is a Roomba?

    1. A Roomba is an automatic vacuum, which is like a little robot, programmed to the map of your house. On command, it leaves it's "dock" and vacuums the entire house (or whichever room you may have specified), whereupon it returns to its dock, empties itself, and docks to recharge and await further instruction!

    2. Sounds very scary...s'pse you have already booked your flight to the moon...a lot of us down here have not gotten past the dustpan and brush stage yet.

    3. Despite the fact we have a house full of gadgets, I still consider myself a brush and dustpan sort of "girl"!

  5. I never realized just how noisy the day can be. Well done!