Tuesday, May 4, 2021


 It's Poetic Tuesday, and Ingrid is our guest host.  She asks us to consider narrative poetry.  In my city this week, two young people died in an auto accident who were on their way to their high school prom when they collided with another car of young people.  The city mourns. No cause for the accident has been published.  My poem is supposition only, submitted to dVerse on May 5, 2021.


Come, sit with me, let’s chat a while
My days are lonely here
I’d so much living left to do
Too quickly it was through
The car was fast, the road was slick
And I paid no attention
Before the night had ended
I was in this new dimension
My heart is heavy as I learn
I’m not the only one
Other lives were lost that night
When I was out for fun
I sit alone on this stone bench
No chance amends to make
I pray forgiveness from those they loved
Their lives were not mine to take.


  1. This gave me chills and a feeling of dread ... beautifully penned. (Love being next to you.)

  2. How sad this is when it happens to young people with great things in life to hope and dream for. If only we can make amends and ask forgiveness for the lives lost. Good one Bev. Thanks for joining in.

  3. Goosebumps! The regret is palpable in your verses and the image is powerful as well!

  4. Oh gosh this is heartwrenching, it's so tragic when young lives are taken before their time. If only, they can be compensated for the life they could have led. Sigh.

  5. A haunting voice from beyond the grave. So tragic, and you have given us a fine imaginative response to the tragedy. My thoughts are with those left behind.

  6. Such a tragic story, Bev, a haunting voice from beyond the grave indeed.

  7. Oh, the deep regret is near tangible, you've penned this haunting voice from the beyond so well. A tragic tale gut wrenching in the telling.

  8. Beverly,
    The voice, the message of regret comes through loud and clear, as well as the knowledge that such a deed can never be corrected. Tragic.

  9. wow how haunting !! gave me the shivers

  10. Oh how sad! The death of young people is extra tragic--and on their way to the prom. I'm sure your town is grieving.

  11. What a sad way for such a festive night to end.

  12. This is a very tragic incident. Your poetry offers solace.

  13. Regrets from the other side - the lonely spirit forever filled with guilt. A sad and touching poem.

  14. Excellent Bev, so well written! Bittersweet…