Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Idle thoughts on a new day and the
sights, scents and sounds of Nature.
Submitted to Poets United Midweek Motif
August 23, 2017

Awakening to the sound of gentle rolling
thunder and the patter of raindrops on
the leaves of the snowball bush outside
my bedroom, a wisp of air carries the
scent of new rain through my open window
and I  inhale deeply of its fragrance.  
The trees beside nearby Eagle Creek
resonate with the morning gathering of crows. 
I am always amused at their agenda.  First
a single voice addresses the group, then there’s
a great cacophony as everyone speaks at
once, much like a meeting of  the ladies’
auxiliary when they discuss a new project. 
Then they all fly away, as if having received
their daily assignments. Nature at work. Our
boy cat meanders into my  room to assure
himself I live to fight another  day, then wanders
off to get the rest of the household in order so
he can settle down  for his morning nap.  Good
morning, world!  Thank you, Lord, for granting
me yet another day.



  1. I'm laughing delightedly as I contemplate your image of crows as the ladies auxiliary! Wonderful! (I'm glad we both appreciate crows.)

  2. Love the crows, the cat, and i share your gratitue for the gift of another day. Never to be taken for granted at this time of life. Beautiful, Bev.

  3. Great extended simile of crows and ladies auxiliary and I also enjoy the sound of rain and the appearance of the male cat. The joys of greeting the day!

  4. Welcome to another day Bev!! Love your poem.

  5. Loved 'the scent of new rain', brings back memories.

  6. I love the comparison of the crows and ladies. This is a lovely representation of a lovely world. Beautiful writing Bev!!

  7. what a beautiful reflective peaceful piece we should start each day reflecting on all this beauty

  8. " Thank you, Lord, for granting me yet another day" - Says it all

  9. You have found the answer, to relax into nature itself and be a part of it. If only more of us did this rather that change the world hurt each other.

  10. Laughed at the comparison of the crows to the ladies' meeting.,.

  11. So many lively scenes, specially that of the crows with their agenda. Love the meditative tone of the beginning as well as the ending.

  12. Indeed we have to enjoy the beauty of each day. And so much beauty can be seen even from our windows.

  13. When you put it like that, it's much to be thankful for. (Smile.)