Saturday, August 26, 2017


This poem was written shortly before
my retirement.  I am reminded of the
frantic pace of my life at that time, and
grateful I have reached the age to savor.
Submitted to Poets United Poetry Pantry #368
August 27, 2017

As I speed along the freeway
in the usual morning race,
my thoughts turn back to other times
when life had a slower pace...
when there was time for dreaming
and wriggling my toes in the mud,
and close examination
of each leaf, and flower and bud;
for listening to autumn breezes
as they rustled through fields of grain;
and for smelling the wonderful fresh bouquet
of a late Spring evening rain;
for idling under a shade tree
when no one knew where I was
and studying the intricate mechanics
of what makes bumblebees buzz;
for listening to trills of songbirds
as they flitted from tree to tree;
for looking for four-leaf clovers
in grass like a great, green sea.

It seems now my days are so busy
these pleasures are things of the past
I try to find time for dreaming,
but the time hurries by too fast.
I think of the time when I'm older,
and time on my hands again,
how I'll treasure these special moments
much moreso than I did then.
God in his infinite wisdom
has bestowed a very great favor
What in youth we take for granted
In age we will have time to savor.

*Photo is my digital art, image credit
to Jesse Wilcox Smith


  1. This was very special to me. Thank you, I had a teacher who taught me the value pf time. Now I spend the long hour trying to take in the minutes so wonderfully spent.

  2. We do need those times for dreaming.. it's like breathing really. But we also need the work to give a sense of purpose I think.

  3. So very true - what we take for granted in youth we find time to savor when we are of a certain age. We must never lose that ability to dream....

  4. What a wise write! I am so thankful for the things I used to take for granted now.

  5. I am also retired. I love filling my days being a domestic goddess pumping out cinnamon rolls, filling the bird feeders, mopping the kitchen floor...When I worked these were just so much blahblah chores but now...they are true pleasures. A wonderfully wise poem.

  6. We have less time in front of us than behind us. So every day counts! Thanks for the reminder. I needed it because I'm grieving the end of summer.

  7. Oh I loved the mechanics of the bumblebee buzz - hope you have time to work it out now

  8. "She/he loves me, she/he loves me not." Yes, well expressed.

  9. Ys, retirement grants us a gift of time which we are wise enough to appreciate. I was way too busy during my working life. I so enjoyed this poem!

  10. What a great way of looking at it! And I enjoyed all the remembered details along with you; thanks.

  11. I hope the savoring is just as wondrous as you imagined it would be.

  12. This is beautiful writing. I very much related to the feelings you expressed so wonderfully well here, and I really enjoyed reading this.

  13. I try to find time for dreaming,
    but the time hurries by too true!

  14. It's as though you've read my mind. Love the rhythm and the flow of the poem.

  15. Love this poem Becky. It describes my own feelings so well. I remember those vey busy days and wonder how I ever did that. Now time is slower. I like the opportunity to appreciate nature more.

  16. Dolce far niente is an art in itself. After a lifetime of freneticism few retirees rarely slow down. They are as busy as when they were working.Liked your poem.

  17. It seems now my days are so busy
    these pleasures are things of the past
    I try to find time for dreaming,
    but the time hurries by too fast..

    Love the emotion in these lines!❤️