Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Kim has asked us to consider SHOES
for Tuesday Poetics.   This is a
reprise, but it SO fits the niche!
Posted to dVerse Poetics
August 29, 2017

I found the sparkly  slippers
In a battered treasure chest
“Magic slippers”, the genie said
I said “Surely you speak in jest”.

But I took them out and put them on
Convinced it was all for naught.
It’s silly to believe in magic…
At least that’s what I thought.

But the minute I buckled those beauties on
They changed my life, it’s safe to say
My aches and pains just were no more
Unbelievably, they’d gone away.

Well, I’ll be darned, I said to myself
I can probably dance and skip
If these things are really working
I’m off on a pleasure trip.

So I went to Bora Bora
And danced with the natives there
Then off to Hawaii to surf for a while
With the sea and sand in my hair.

I shopped til I dropped on the streets of Paris
And climbed the Eiffel Tower
I took a gondola ride in Venice
There was no end to my staying power!

I climbed the heights of Machu Pichu
On the high plains of Peru
I saw the Taj Mahal and Angkor Wat
And Thailand before I was through.

I saw the terra cotta soldiers
And danced on China’s Great Wall
I stopped in Dubai for a game of roulette
I was determined to see it all.

I was off to Easter Island
(Those heads are mysterious, methinks)
Then I traveled on to the pyramids
And marveled at the sphinx.

In Italy I saw the coliseum
And castles in the land of Eire
I visited the Cotswolds in England
And learned to pronounce Staffordshire

I saw the white cliffs of Dover,
Budapest, Hong Kong and Singapore
Berlin, the Alps and Sicily
And oh, so many more.

Then on we went to Jerusalem
And the shores of Galilee
There wasn’t a place we didn’t go
My magic slippers and me.

I wore out those magic slippers
But, oh what a ride it was
Do I believe in magic now?
Yes I do, because … well just because!



  1. lol I think I believe in that kind of magic too now. Entertaining!

  2. What a wonderful ride you took us on... and why not believe in magic if it works?

  3. Ooh, Bev, magic slippers! Sparkly ones, too. I love that they took you on a jaunt. I especially love the lines:
    'I visited the Cotswolds in England
    And learned to pronounce Staffordshire'
    'I saw the white cliffs of Dover'!

  4. Magic shoes! I love your shoes and all the places they took you and that your pain was taken away by them. Miracle magic shoes. I totally believe in magic and miracles. This poem reinforced that.

  5. There's something special about sparkly shoes. Add a bit of magic and you have a fairy tale :)

  6. I like the explanation of why you believe in magic at the end.

  7. What a fun ride. I was with you all the way. Rhyme serves you well here.

  8. Imagine this a picture book along with the poem - truly magical it would be!

  9. Had so much fun reading this poem! Thank you!

  10. A delightful poem. If only it were true!

  11. What a fun, imaginative tale, Bev. I would love a pair, and promise to believe.

  12. Delightful! May I borrow your magic slippers? I assume one size fits all :)