Thursday, August 3, 2017


It's Meet the Bar at dVerse, and Frank would
have us try trimeter.   Apparently the dog
ate my homework.  I seem to be at a loss.
Here's my tongue-in-cheek excuse, submitted
with abject apology.
Submitted August 3, 2017

My muse has gone away
I hope just for today
What caused this wild foray
I’m afraid I cannot say
Perhaps the feet and metre
Were likely to defeat her
She didn’t tell me why
Or stop to say goodbye.
Without her I’m bereft, alas
Simply put, I have to pass.



  1. This is a fun one! Seems like your muse isn't far away ;-)

  2. That's pretty good in spite of the muse taking the day off. I like the sound of the lines with the feet and metre likely to defeat her. Nice trimeter.

  3. She hasn't left you yet, but I can certainly identify. I've been stranded by mine all week

  4. Your levity is well put, as you conquer the form while lampooning it; nice job.

  5. I so enjoyed your note of excuse for lack of muse, Bev, great fun!

  6. Ha! You told... wait! Nicely done.

    1. I cannot be a secret
      and be a funny show.
      If I am made a bandit
      I hide my face, you know.

  7. Love this, Bev! Big, wide smile here!

  8. I'm not accepting the apology because this is simply wonderful. Lack of inspiration is also a hard situation we face and have to be addressed in a way a poet address everything and this is such a delight to read.

  9. Your muse is somewhat shy.
    She wants to be, that's why.
    When I am to you dear
    for sure I will appear!

  10. Sounds like your muse is grounded pretty good. Mine flits in and out like a lightning bug.

  11. This is amusing. You certainly have not lost your touch. 👏👍