Saturday, August 12, 2017


Armchair travels for this week's
Poetry Pantry #366
Posted to Poets United
August 13, 2017

Arthur was a vagabond
On whom travel cast a spell
He set off adventuring,
A story we will tell
He spent some time in Africa
On a mission to help the needy
Lived in an underground hotel
And mined opals in Coober-Pedy
In temples deep in Thailand
He consorted with the monks
He met the royal elephants
And rode upon their trunks
He stopped at Machu Pichu
On the high plains of Peru
In Nepal he stayed with Sherpas
And met their llamas too.
Then on he went to Egypt
And boated down the Nile
Paying a visit to the Valley of Kings
Where he spent a little while
Arthur traveled onward
A victim of his desires
To Ireland, Scotland and England
Visiting local shires
He journeyed on to India
Visiting  the Taj Mahal
And small islands in the Pacific
Whose names I can’t recall
The seven wonders of the world
Were on his bucket list
He traveled on  to see them all
Assuring none were missed
At long last the day arrived
When Arthur said “I’m done”
And he packed his bags and set off
For the place where he’d begun
He told his friends, “Yes, I admit
I had an urge to roam
But that’s all over now
There is no place like home!”



  1. I love the lilting rhythm in this poem. Whew, Arthur had a marvelous adventure, didn't he? But - there is wisdom in the ending, there IS indeed (at the end of one's journeying days) no place like home.

  2. Arthur traveled to many places I have dreamed of. But, in the end, he and I agree - there's no place like home! Love the rhythm and rhyme in this piece, Bev.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this poem. BUT I think you need a slight rewrite. The Sherpas are in Nepal, not Peru. The llamas (monks) are also in Nepal. The lamas with one l (animals) are indeed in Peru. (I have been to both places.) You could say Qechua (the Peruvian Indians) instead of Sherpas, and remove that extra l from lamas, and you'd be right.

    1. Well, what a kerfuffle! Actually, it's the one L for spiritual leaders, and two Ls for animals, but thank you for correcting me on the sherpas!

  4. A wonderful rhyme. Coincidentally, these are the same sentiments as my daughter's. She has been exploring Europe.

    1. Good for her! I hope she returns knowing there's truly no place like home!

  5. Soooo love the rhythm of the poem and the sweetness it ends into :)

  6. What a fun piece - really made me smile :-)

  7. Well that's the best kind of life.. travel and see the world!

  8. Loved this poem with its flowing rhythm and rhyme.

  9. ah well, that's the dream , to travel the world and return a learned man! Well written

  10. Such a wonderful flow to this poem!❤️

  11. Your poem sounds as classical one. I like you mentioned the sacred places, and that your character come back to live in where he feels as home.

  12. If only we could all complete our desired travels in such a way.

  13. But that’s all over now
    There is no place like home!”

    You can say that again and re-account. You will find endorsement galore from many!


  14. What a wonderful adventure told in a lovely sweet it is!


  15. Your Conclusion is where we began. Great write.

  16. Good for him. And good that he did have a home at the end of his roam.

    Happy Sunday Bev. Thanks for dropping in at my Sunday Standard today

    Much love...

  17. I have travelled much in my life and seen wondrous things. But I agree - there is no place like home, whatever that home means to one. Nice rhythm and rhyme in this Bev!

  18. Lovely poem. The ending is the perfect sweet end. There is no place like home.

  19. A rollicking good adventure rhyme. Loved going along for the ride.

  20. Loved this merry tale. A delight to read!

  21. What a great read this is. we are all a bit like Arthur in our curiosity to see the world but still know how good it is to be safe back home again.

  22. Nice conclusion. It gave me relief.

  23. Monday WRites 118 is live, i invite you to link up
    Have a good Monday

    much love...

  24. Love the rhythm and rhyme of this poem! I have to admit that, after all Arthur's wandering, I wasn't expecting him to embrace home so wholeheartedly.