Thursday, August 31, 2017


Frank has requested our Midweek Motif  be in
acrostic form.   The recent hurricane in Texas
has reminded me so much of John Lennon’s
song “Imagine” … hence my acrostic is
Imagine All The People
Submitted to dVerse Midweek Motif
August 31, 2017

It was  a storm of dreadful fury
Making landfall, pounding highways
And turning streets to  rivers 
Growing deeper minute by minute.
In desperation people fled
Not knowing whereto or how
Each praying for survival.

Asking only for dry shelter 
Leaving all they had behind 
Looking for someone to help them

To reach the higher ground.
Help wore many hats
Each selflessly determined.

Pouring rain continued
Everywhere the water rose
Overwhelming homes and byways
Pummeling all within its path
Leaving lives upturned, disrupted 
Ending catastrophe at last.



  1. An amazing twist on Lennon's omnipresent lyric, and a worthy poem that considers the effects of Harvey.

  2. I can hear Lennon's tune now, to images of the devastation and the humanity that are surfacing in the wake of the storm.

  3. I imagine being on the second floor unable to swim and seeing the water rising downstairs. That hurricane must have been terrifying for many. Nice acrostic about imagining.

  4. There are lots of hurting people down that way. You hit the nail on the head. It is hard to imagine all the suffering

  5. Always I think of this song... in times like this, especially. Well done, Beverly!

  6. Imagine all the people - I've been watching the coverage and it breaks my heart, they have lost so much may their spirits be lifted up by the help of others.

  7. Love how you fleshed out the lyrics... I assume that this will continue to go on for many years..

  8. A great quote from a great song and you've done a great job with the acrostic, Bev!

  9. Those poor people with their lives in carrier bags.

  10. A beautiful source for your acrostic, enabling you to imagine – for yourself and your readers – what positives may come out of catastrophe.

  11. It is quite a challenge to create with so many words, Beverly!


  12. And you're “not the only one”. ;)

  13. Well written Bev.It is interesting how songs can come to mind. May they find a Bridge over their troubled waters.

  14. I saw on the news that there were more private boats and help than "services" on the water actually saving people. I'd say, "Thank you for all of those brave citizens making the best of a horrible attack from mother nature." They are the true angels here.