Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Poetics Tuesday, and we’re to write
an upbeat poem using the word  rain, rein,
or reign … or all three.  Here’s a bit
of silliness.
Submitted to dVerse September 12, 2017

There once was a fair maiden
Daughter of the king (long may he reign)
“I’m at a loss“, he said, “to control her
No matter how tight the rein”
So he set out to explore his kingdom
Through sun, sheets of sleet, and rain
To find a knight for his daughter
Who’d become such a very great pain.

At last he found the perfect knight
And soon the girl was wed
“You’ll find her quite a challenge”
To her groom, the knight, he said
But now his daughter was smiling
At last he’d got it quite right
All she ever really wanted
Was for  him to find her a knight.



  1. Very fun! And you hit the trifecta -- using all three words: rain, reign and rein.
    Very very good! So glad you posted for the prompt. Smiling I am :)

  2. A very up-beat poem. And you got all the words in there too. Great :)

  3. You make it look easy, Bev! You have a natural storytelling ability.

  4. Fun poem with excellent rhymes through out. I loved the story!

  5. How great to be able to tell a story, and in rhyme..the most I have done is a limmerick or two. Great poem!

  6. She became a pain so her father would find her a knight. Nice story!

  7. Ah... that's the way to get your will... yes a story in poetry is great to tell.

  8. A medieval lay to use all the words in Lillian's prompt. I always swoon over knights and their ladies. Well done, Bev.

  9. Nicely done. I hoped she enjoyed her knight (and her night!)

  10. Bravo! You tell a good story, Bev.

  11. Ah! so charming and enticing. Lovely fairytale...........