Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Paul has asked us to set aside somber issues and
consider magic for Poetics Tuesday.  I am "blissed"
with nature's magic daily by visiting hummingbirds. 
Submitted to dVerse Poetics Tuesday.
September 4, 2017

Magic outside my window again today.  The hummingbirds
have come to call.  These magical little creatures, with emerald
green backs and ruby red throats are no bigger than the pad
of my thumb.  They dart through the air with what seems the
speed of light, suspend for a moment over the feeder, then settle
and drink deep of the nectar.  Their eggs are smaller than jelly beans. 
It’s said their average heart rate is 1200 beats a minute, and
during migration, they fly 500 miles nonstop across the Gulf
of Mexico.  Now THAT’S magic! 


  1. Yes ma'am. I have about twenty at my feeders now, down from about 40. I have black ruby throated ones, the green ones that look like leaves and a rare white hummingbird. Not an albino but instead a leucistic which "leu" means white in biology and medicine. You wrote a truly magical poem here. I dearly love hummers. Apparently you do as well!

    1. So many! I envy you. I find them the most amazing little creatures.

  2. I LOVE hummingbirds. We had a nest in our front yard one spring, with two eggs, then babies. So precious.

  3. Hummingbirds are the most magical of creatures - right up there with faeries and unicorns! But at least we get a glimpse of these impish delights - wonderful write!

  4. "Now THAT’S magic!"

    It certainly is.

  5. Indeed (A small example)
    Very clever!

  6. I don't see hummingbirds very often, but when I do it does feel magical.

  7. Perhaps hummingbirds have been mistaken for faeries. I love the hum of their wings, my kind of white noise. They seem to like red feeders as I recall.

  8. To me it's even more magic, as they are also exotic... would love to have them closer.

  9. How magical to have hummingbirds outside your window, Bev!

  10. The everyday magic of hummingbirds is amazing.

  11. Magic indeed Bev. I only ever saw a hummingbird once in my life in Arizona. It took my breath away.

  12. They are beautiful magical little creatures!!!

  13. what a cute. mesmerising magical poem!!

  14. They are magical indeed. I have to stop what I do to watch a bird that somehow found (or lost) its way into our yard. :-)


  15. I absolutely agree! Hummingbirds are indeed magic. My very favorites.

  16. I have one that has been coming to my yard for the first time this year and going into every single honeysuckle bloom at the speed of light. They are indeed magic!

  17. They truly are amazing little creatures. A wonderful example of magic!