Thursday, September 21, 2017


It’s Open Link night, and I’ve a poem about
being a farm girl in the city.
Submitted to dVerse Open Link #204
September 20, 2017

I love the old ways and sayings
I’m a country girl at heart
But there are some modern conveniences
With which I couldn’t part

I love it when my garage door
Flies open when I appear.
I wouldn’t have much patience
Getting out in the cold, I fear

I wouldn’t want to have to
Iron each shirt and dress
I always extol the virtues
Of polyester and permanent press

I love my old-time fireplace
It makes me feel so good
But I guess I wouldn’t like it
If I had to chop the wood

My trips to the supermarket
Are a daily event, it seems
I’m sure I’d have to think twice
It I had to hitch up the team

It’s so nice to go to my kitchen
And find milk and eggs right there
I guess it wouldn’t be my forte’
For the hen and the cow to care

Oh, how I love my shower
I enjoy my nightly scrub
I wouldn’t want to exchange it
For carrying water to fill the tub

I adore my coffee grinder
And my stone crock is so pretty to see
But those things are just to look upon
And not to be used by me

I dream of moonlight sleigh rides
In a one horse open sleigh
But, once I arrived at my nice warm house
Who’d feed the horse his hay

I remember the calls of nature
That required a dash down the path
There’s no way I want to go back to that
And give up my nice warm bath

I guess I just like to read stories
Of how it used to be
In my heart, I think I’m country
But I’m as city as I can be


  1. We love the comfort I think... though a few of those things I love to have to give my days a little shine (like the coffee grinder). The rhymes and rhythm are excellent.

  2. So true! I'm lucky enough to have a bit of both. Far from town but still lights at the touch of a switch and water at a turn of a tap.

  3. Nice playful sentiments here Beverly which you carry off very artfully - made me smile... Thank you

  4. There is definitely comfort in the old and familiar ❤️ Beautifully penned.

  5. I love my comforts as well (that's why I can't go camping smiles) ~ I like the thought of simplicity but give me the internet and all the modern conveniences, ha ~

  6. I love the comforts of city life, but the solitude of country life, so I am torn as always--seems like you might be too!

    1. Ah yes, I've spent my life moving to the edge of the city so I can have the best of both worlds!

  7. Totally agree.. I think I'm country but am as city as can be :)

  8. I hear ya. Been there, done that, the memories are better in the past. Here's to indoor plumbing, grocery stores and the internal combustion engine

  9. A timely reminder of not getting carried away with "the good old ways".

  10. I also prefer indoor plumbing to the hand pump and the furnace that turns into an air conditioner on its own and then there's the internet rather than the ten-year old encyclopedia. One can bring the city right to the country today.

  11. I think most of us agree that it would be difficult to part with our modern conveniences. And I'm with Grace, no more camping for me...except maybe in a nicely appointed RV. ;)

  12. Cute! And also true for me, I'm afraid.

  13. Nice rhythm....yes you are right....I too.... lovely poem..!!

  14. Great telling of the transition. My folks are from Ireland but have lived most of their lives in England and they way they talk about the old days makes me wonder why they ever left ;)

  15. I'm a city boy. I like the way things use to be too. Thank you for this moment ti drift back.

  16. This is brilliant! I love the idea of country too, but I love city convenience way too much too!