Wednesday, September 13, 2017


We’re to feature REUNIONs in this
week’s Midweek Motif .   It occasioned
me to muse and philosophize.
Submitted to Poets United Midweek Motif
September 13, 2017

In a conversation with my father, not long before he passed
into the Great Beyond, I asked “Do you believe in a life
hereafter, Dad?”   My father (descended from a long line
of God-fearing ancestors with names like Bishop, Lot and
Absolam), who had attended our little country church faithfully
with my mother and who had taught the young couples’ Sunday
School class, said “Of course I do” …. and, after a long
hesitation said “if there is such a thing”.   We, each of us,
form our own particular beliefs, which change as we grow
older and wiser.  I’m sure we’ve all had experiences of déjà vu
or met some kindred spirit it seems we’ve always known.  
Perhaps these ARE reunions with someone we’ve known
in a past life.   I like to think  I will see my loved ones and
friends again, and that Dad and I will have a chance to
continue our conversation!



  1. What a surprising hesitation! I hope the conversation continues in the realm of spirit (whether here or hereafter).

  2. Hi, There was a military phrase we used to use on a passing, that we would "see you at the final RV (rendezvous)." I like to think that we do get to meet up again.
    Thanks for sharing your 'muse'.

  3. I was surprised by his hesitation as well. I have read so much about near death experiences, and find great comfort in the stories of people being reunited with their loved ones after death.

  4. Thanks for this insightful write Bev. Happy you dropped by to read mine today

    Much 😍 love

  5. That's so dear. I am smiling as I think about it. Sweet and sincere.

  6. I think you were hinting at something more. (more than limitations can know)

  7. Big questions. Hopefully we can all be reunited one day.

  8. I share your father's faith Bev. You've put it so nicely.

  9. We all like to think that. :) This is sweetly told.

  10. Your dad's specticism reflects the true seeker in him. God bless!

  11. Mysteries and belief.Leaps into another unknown dimension....easier for some than others

  12. This is a really nice write. It's about what we "think," isn't it. And does it even matter? I think of my loved ones and I would like to think we will meet again...but this is not promised. We each can pick the fairy tale we like.

  13. Very nice, Bev! Reconnecting with past will allow us to see the world in a new light...not easy though! I love your poem, it's relatable...:))

  14. I have a feeling that you and your father will be able to continue the conversation someday. He sounds like a very thoughtful man.

  15. If this poem is indeed autobiographical, then I am delighted by your dad's answer to the question of the hereafter. What am I saying? It's delightful, no matter what!

  16. I think we do change beliefs as we age and really contemplate what will happen after death. I wish I had known your father.

    1. Thank you, Sarah. Your life would have been richer for having known him!

  17. Thanks for sharing this, Bev. I think many of us can relate to the 'pause' in thought.