Thursday, September 7, 2017


I ’d pass a little deserted country
church on trips to visit my parents.  The
sight always left me musing about its
history, hence this poem.

Submitted to Open Link Night #203 at dVerse
September 7, 2017

It’s just a little chapel that sits beside the way
But I wondered what it could tell me, if it could speak today.
The tower is now empty, where the beckoning bell once rang.
And only dusty silence, where the little congregation sang.
The windows are now vacant, and the pews are long since gone.
But it seems I hear the echoes of ice cream socials on the lawn.
I imagine all the faithful who have talked here with their God
While outside their forefathers rested, deep beneath prairie sod.
I see all the bridal couples who have here exchanged their vows
And think of long-ago sermons soothing furrowed brows.
How many babes were christened, how many old folks laid to rest?
How many Sunday mornings, with folks dressed in Sunday best?

I feel God all about me, as I stand beside the door
And listen to the voices of those who’ve passed before
One day I’ll be like them, when this life has passed me by
And my voice be but an echo to some dreamer such as I.
May I live my life with honor in my short time here on earth
And touch the lives of others with love, and joy and mirth.
May there always be a moment, when day follows busy day
For echoes like the chapel’s, and what it has to say.



  1. May I live my life with honor in my short time here on earth...oh my yes! I love this poem. It is so clear and honest.

  2. I love the prayer of thankfulness and hope for joyful life ~ May the echoes fill us with happy memories ~

  3. A beautiful poem. The chapel in the photo is like one I attended as a child. When I got a bit older, they tore it down and built a fancy brick one...but it didnt have the reverence and the feeling of old prayer that the old clapboard church had.

    1. I keep looking for a modern church that gives me that same feeling. It's impossible to recapture.

  4. I love the stories you might hear if you just listen, maybe it even tells it better being vacant. Like a remaining echo

  5. Your write brings to life a chapel that to many may seem long gone. And may your prayers be granted.

  6. I love how you have given this little chapel voice - she deserves it

  7. God is everywhere and we should always acknowledge and feel his presence everywhere. In Hinduisim, we consider trees, water air as a form of God and have festivals to worship them.

  8. My goodness this is so beautiful, Beverly!❤️

  9. It happens...I've see that "little church," or one like it, or house or home.. And it is fun to imagine what went on there. Who were the people, some good and some bad and where did they go. Might be a fun piece to make a haiku?

  10. Just beautiful, Bev. I love country churches.

  11. So so beautiful. This poem will go down as a classic to many, many future dreamers.

  12. I love the life that you have breathed back into this old building!

  13. I think I would like to visit this chapel.

  14. I like how you brought it to life, proving it's not over yet.