Sunday, September 24, 2017


Idle thoughts on a sunny Sunday, when
asked what I'd do with my  last $20.
Submitted to Poets United Poetry Pantry #372
September 24, 2017

Ten things I’d do with my last $20
Me, the girl who’s always had plenty?
I learned well at my mother’s knee
To beware of the careless spending spree.
I’m not the trendiest girl on the block
But I’ve a bit more hidden in a well worn sock.

I’d need pen and paper so I could write
And something to read when it got to be night
I’d want a mu-mu, loose and flowing
I won’t wear a bra where I’m going.

I’ll gather my kids and we’ll head for the farm    
The one safe place, free from harm.
I’ll take along some packets of seeds
We’ll grow enough to meet our needs.

We may be down to our very last dime
But we’ll be living in a simpler time.
No electronic tethers, which some will think odd
But we’ll have time again to talk to God.

We’ll breathe fresh air, and dance in the sun
And count our blessings when day is done.
“They sure don’t have much”, some will say
But, then, what good is money anyway?



  1. If that day comes it would be excellent to live what the land can give... an excellent question for a privileged man

  2. Oh back to the land and a simpler life......exactly what I would do as well. Especially important, that packet of seeds. I loved this, Beverly.

  3. Hi Bev, Some lovely thoughts and an intriguing prompt. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  4. I like dancing in the sun...smiles.

  5. Very neatly and crisply done Beverly - good fun to read too...

  6. If you were down to your last $20, thats a very clever idea indeed! lovely poem:)

  7. If only I could take my last $20 and do just that! Being stuck in one of the most expensive places to live in the US is not the best even though it's home.

  8. Lesson could be - money cannot buy happiness. We can do with much less than we have, I am sure.

  9. Oh!💕 I love this especially "We’ll breathe fresh air, and dance in the sun and count our blessings when day is done."💕

  10. What $20 can buy...we all need to remember what is priceless...wonderful poem!


  11. Brilliant and wise and wonderfully penned. A delight to read!

  12. electronic tethers! can we put that genie back in the bottle... don't know!

  13. It seems you made $20 go far and the package of seeds brings hope for growth. Some may say they don't have much, but I think they have a lot as they have love.

  14. Oh my, another great piece and one I wish I'd written. Flowed very nicely and told very truthfully. Amazing.

  15. There is too much waste in the western world. The poorest people in our communities now have more materially than the medieval kings. Good poem.

  16. Haha that was marvelous.
    I love your ... my age group(70-85) either don't wear a bra (except those who think they they are still 25 :) and the men forget to wear their underwear.
    By the way I have lived on 20 bucks a few times. But never in poverty from love.

  17. Wonderful write. If I had $1,000,000 I'd use it to make my wife happy. Why not skip the million and focus on my wife? (what is the point)