Saturday, September 16, 2017


This is the result of a midnight epiphany
submitted to Poets United Poetry Pantry
September 17, 2017

In the wee small hours of the night when
insomniacs clutch their remotes, trolling
the airways for diversion, it’s the witching
hour, and darkness, black and velvet, envelops
the alley.  Beneath a tattered blanket, the
homeless man huddles in a doorway.  Soon
the trash trucks will clang their way down
the alley, collecting clotted and fetid debris
from the dumpsters. The man stirs, and draws
from beneath the blanket a stubby pencil and
battered journal.  He opens to a new page and
carefully writes NAMASTE *.  His low tones
break the alley silence as he chants:   “I honor
the place in you in which the entire universe
dwells;  I honor the place in you which is of
love, of truth, of  light and peace.  When you
are in that place in you and I am in that place
in me, we are one.”  Silence returns to the alley
 … but the essence of hope remains. 

* Namaste is a Hindu greeting, a salutation and
validation,  usually issued with palms together,
fingers pointing skyward.


  1. Ah, this poem really exudes hope and peace. I feel myself breathing out and in....ever so silently.

  2. Beautiful poem such a tender portrayal

  3. The essence of Namaste, in its full glory.
    I remember when I was kid my mother always used to tell me to greet by saying namaste in folded hands and it was a good mannerism, which I am following till date. But, now the younger generation although they say namaste , but rarely fold hands. The influence of modernisation is some way leaving behind our culture.

  4. Such a positive finish … but the essence of hope remains....
    I can only echo the previous comments.

  5. Always insightful to see how one culture views another...

  6. Love the positive vibes in this. Beautifully written, Bev.

  7. This is truly Lovely Bev, Thanks for sharing it.

  8. I love the serenity infused in the lines, especially at the end.

  9. What did insomniacs do before there were remotes?

  10. This is very beautiful - a message for our times.

  11. This is very true. That's all how I feel when I stay up past midnight. Very well-expressed.

  12. Where hope inspires, peace resides; thanks for a lovely Sunday poem

    much love...

  13. Bev this brought tears to my eyes with its heartfelt touched me deeply!


  14. Positive, hopeful, something I could understand and relate with too. :-) Loved this one.

  15. A beautiful piece of writing ... the details are rendered exquisitely ~ just lovely ~ spiritual ~ transcendent ~ ~ ~

  16. A wonderfully woven tale of mystery. ...and in its wake the echo of change.

  17. Some words of wisdom written in the night. Namaste - may peace dwell within us my yoga class we end with Namaste.

  18. So beautifully written (and smoothly incorporating the quote). Just wonderful!

  19. Thank you for such a beautiful poem!