Tuesday, September 26, 2017


It's Poetics Tuesday, and Lillian has asked
us to feature our birthstone in our poem.  I've
added a haiku.
Submitted to dVerse
September 26, 2017

Ancient Greeks wore amythest and carved drinking 
vessels from it, in belief  that it would prevent 
intoxication.   So far it’s worked quite well for me.  
I have no proclivity for intoxicants.   I prefer the 
natural high of skies at dusk threaded with violet 
shades of amythest and cerulean blues, streaked 
with sun-faded gold.   I can get intoxicated by the 
fragrance of lavender and lilacs by the old yard gate, 
got giddy from stealing warm sun-ripened purple 
grapes on the vine by my mother’s clothes line.  
I can drink of the sight of violets planted long ago 
growing still by an old abandoned house.   An 
Aquarian, my best environment is said to be in 
a gathering of people exchanging ideas.  
Looks like I’m in the right place.
Born in winter
Savoring summer sunshine
Happy in autumn


  1. You are most definitely in the right place! :) Love this idea of amethyst preventing intoxication by spirits. And oh how I agree about the intoxication of lilacs. At the Boston Arboretum every spring, they have Lilac Sunday. It's the only day these very large grounds are open for picnics. There is a long long lane of lilacs - so many different species...and they also go up the small hill. To walk through them is absolutely divine. I'm sure the Greek gods would approve :)

  2. Wonderful exposition to lead us to your seasonal Haiku

  3. Good heavens, this is stunning and makes me want to fall in love with you! I am jealous; at every moment, I'm a new addiction waiting to happen.

    I adore this:

    "I prefer the
    natural high of skies at dusk threaded with violet"


  4. Yes, there are many other ways to get high than through intoxicants.

  5. Just commented- didnt realise I was in my daughter's google account. Excellent piece- again

  6. Your amethyst protection is great! No hangovers either. Your Haiku was great also

  7. An idyllic haibun and I love the conversational tone. I also love how the haiku roots you in the seasons. It's a reflection of your optimistic personality.

  8. Yes! Intoxicated on life and the beauty of it! I tried the other many years ago and if not for love, I would have her lost in it. Love your haibun!

  9. Love how you can find the toxic that fit you. And find purple in all seasons.

  10. Amythest seems to be a gem for all seasons..certainly the color is always present.
    This has unique rhythm and your haiku,splendid!

  11. I enjoyed your gently intoxicating and colourful amethyst haibun. Bev.
    And yes, you're in the right place!

  12. I love this. If only more people could become intoxicated by the natural world.

  13. Lovely haibun. I like the concept of being intoxicated by nature.

  14. An intoxicating haibun full of evocative images and poignant turns of phrase!

  15. A beautiful read Bev :) Janice (Ontheland)

  16. Not a gal for intoxicants here either, except those that come in printed form, called "books". :-)