Monday, May 11, 2020


Bjorn is our host for Tuesday Prosery, and we are instructed
to write prosery not to exceed 144 words and including a quote
from the poem "Caged Bird" by Maya Angelou.
   "his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream".

Deadline approached for my next book, and my muse seemed on sabbatical. Since
I’d done my very best work in a getaway cottage deep in the woods, I booked it,
hoping it’s magic would work once more. Parking my old VW van by the door.
carrying my venerable Royal typewriter inside, I placed it on the beat-up desk.
Mysteries are my forte’. Tired but determined, I was soon happily typing a scenario
fit for mayhem and murder, lost in my creation of a forbidding haunted house.
Suddenly, without warning, a  shadow formed in the cabin corner. Dark and
foreboding, he drifted toward me and suddenly “his shadow shouts on a nightmare
scream”.  Kicking over my chair, I matched his scream with one of my own, gasping
for breath….and slowly realized I’d fallen asleep at my typewriter and fell into my
own Chapter One.   


  1. A chilling concept of falling into one's created tale of terror. Excellent!

  2. Again the simpatico, i have cottage in the woods today too.
    Maybe we should do a collaboration sometime

    Be safe


  3. That's a good beginning for a book!

  4. And the moral of the story is: don't write horror stories in lonely cottages in the woods...great ending there.

  5. I love the Stephen King-like scenario, Bev: book deadline, cottage in the woods, and the ‘venerable Royal typewriter’. Right down to the beat-up desk. Excellent signposts for a scary story. I love the ending, the fall into Chapter One. ‘All work and no play…’

  6. Dreams can be very good for inspiration... I assume the chapters wrote themselves after such an encounter.

  7. Your own stories, fiction and not seem to play havoc in our dreams. Nice story!