Sunday, May 24, 2020


It's Writers' Pantry #21, where we consider
something old or new.  I seem to be thinking
of my grandmother a lot of late.  Maybe it's
because I just discovered I'm to be a great
grandmother at year's end!.
Submitted to Poets & Storytellers United
May 24, 2020

There was a trunk in Grandma’s attic
Where we children used to play
It held bits of lace and “special things”
My Grandma used to say.

Life went on as it’s known to do
Time has passed on golden wings
Now my children play their games
Near the trunk of “special things”.

This old house is growing older
Still to its memories it clings
Soon another generation will play
Near Grandma’s “special things”.  


  1. Grandma's things carry so much history and story. Most of our stuff that old is gone. Where does it go?

  2. I have a few of my grandma's things still, even stuff from my great-great-aunt! It's fascinating.
    Congratulations on your great-grandchild! <3

  3. How wonderful, happy to hear of your coming grandbaby
    Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday


  4. How wonderful .. a great grand-baby!! I am thrilled for you. I remember how very special my relationship was with my Great grandmother ~~~ she lived to age 101 in the best of health, mind intact!

  5. Some circles are just wonderful to be in and to see experienced. The tales a grandma's trunk would tale...

    1. Or "tell", if typos weren't the scum of the universe, lol!

  6. I enjoyed this poem with the grandma's special things in the trunk. My grandmother didn't do this but then my uncle and family lived with them and I could play with my cousin's things. It is nice for you to be a great-grandmother. My great-granddaughter had her second child this Thursday. A precious baby girl.

  7. Wonderful that the generations can still share that progression, and that history. My family got all scattered, the grandparents' home sold long ago and possessions dispersed.

    Congratulations on becoming a 'great'!

  8. grandma's "special things" will bind the generations together.
    a very heart-warming poem.

  9. Iam sure many of us will remember places and fun like this. Sadly many kids are happy to play on their iPhone in the attic of their minds.

  10. This poem reminded me of my childhood, but our ‘bits’ were in a cupboard, old chiffon scarves and petticoats. My favourite things were the buttons. My special thigs are the puppets I use for Bounce and Rhyme!

  11. Oh that's a lovely house full of memories!

  12. The blessings of grandma's things...lovely piece

  13. How wonderful! I am so happy for you, Beverly! This is a gorgeous poem 💘💘

  14. A trunk filled with "special things." Memories perhaps or tokens that spark the reminders of days past?